What I’m reppin’

by Joe

First post guys! Shout out to Mace for having the sight, courage, and ambition to put this thing into play, and rounding everyone up from our very different corners of the genre-sphere. Lets get one of those huge KFC sandwich things soon bro!

God I ❤ Fried Chicken (and racial steriotypes)

As exams as drawing closer, coursework is shredding me up, and I’m still feeling kind of depressed ever since Avatar 3D finished, I don’t really have the usual energy which has me reppin’ death metal and shizz, so the content of my first post may come as a surprise. But don’t worry, I promise everything will still be either vulgar, immature, or both, as I know is expected of me, so you can  still feel smug when you post your experimental art school hipster stuff.

Right now, as I write this, I’m jammin’ some of probably my favorite band right now, Forever The Sickest Kids. They play some awesome pop punk tunes with bits of synth thown in too. I know most pop punk bands that arn’t blink-182 (still kings of the summer) are normally totally bland, but I feel these bros write some sick songs, with all the nessacery flair, wit, catchy chorus’s and slightly creepy lyrics. Like Blink, almost every song is completely relateable to, and I always end up applying them to me to the point of staring out of windows and “soundtracking” them, in my mind.

Figure this song’s as good an intro as any, as always, being the single, it ain’t the best, but whevs, you get the picture. Also check out “I Don’t Know About You, But I Came Here To Dance”, and “My Worse Nightmare”.

My favorite rapper remains R.A The Rugged Man. Despite not being black, nor having ever been shot, I feel he proves that all that is really nessacery to be a decent rapper is to just be a really creepy dude, nomatter what your background. This I can relate to.

There has still been a little metal in my current rotation, in the form of Carnifex‘s new album “Hell Chose Me”. The whole thing has a great sounding evil vibe to it which was lacking on their earlier stuff which often slipped into mediocrity, but this one is some top class deathcore, and totally my favorite metal album right now. Check the sick-ass breakdown towards the end.

Hope they come round England again soon. On their last tour here I got to hang out with their singer briefly, who was chill enough.

Anyhows, before I get back to my work, I’ll leave you with this unbeatable slice of mainland european techno, which has been in my head for the past week :/ Press play, and prepare yourself for some horrific euro techno. This makes me feel like I’m in Germany again, and kina brings back some pretty good memories. There is a shit ton of fun to be had in Euro clubs thanks to stuff like this, you can go all ironic style at first, but the second the first German/Finnish/Swedish/Slav whevs hottie starts grinding you, it’ll all of a sudden become as serious as cancer.

No child is safe

Here are some links for you to download the albums the songs are from if you want them:

Forever The Sickest Kids: Underdog Alma Mater

R.A The Rugged Man: Die Rugged Man, Die

Carnifex: Hell Chose Me

One thought on “What I’m reppin’

  1. I really like the Rugged Man track. Somehow, white rappers seem to come across a lot more convincingly when they rap about aggression etc than other rappers. Maybe its because its still a small genre so it only attracts artists who are definitely into those types of lyrics.

    In mainstream rap its become mandatory to rap about crime, sex and drugs, and many of them do that even though they’re not involved in any of it. They just decide to do that to make sure they don’t miss out on the mainstream market.

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