The Afternoon’s Hat

by Ryan

Ok so here is my first ever blog.

This is a very special week because I met Polar Bear! And I can confirm that Seb Rochford has the softest most heart-warming speaking voice imaginable. Their new album ‘Peepers’ is incredible, definitely their best yet. I haven’t been able to turn it off since I got my (signed) copy home…

I’m going to attempt to put a link now to youtube. If it works then you’ll be able to listen to the title track of the album.

Another record I’ve been listening to a lot recently is ‘Naked’ by Talking Heads.  Here’s one of my favourite tracks for you to enjoy. you got it, you got it –  ‘(Nothing But) Flowers’

This track is also a warning of what would happen if the green’s got into power.

Ok so following their latest album ‘Humbug’ , the Arctic Monkey’s (cue sniggering from Joe) have just released a four track EP.  As far as I know its only available on vinyl from Oxfam (further sniggering), but its worth a look online if you don’t have a record player or if you hate charity. The three new tracks sound like they may have been contenders for the full album, but their exclusion doesn’t mean they’re not worth a listen. For a beautiful afternoon such as this, when I’ve just handed in my essay this track seems perfect.

Finally I’d like to express how much you have to listen to the new Gorillaz album ‘Plastic Beach’. Although I personally don’t think you can beat the first album, this is a pretty good attempt. It does feel a bit like Damon Albarn cramming as many of his musical influences onto one record as possible, but as a whole working album it doesn’t really matter.

I think to a certain extent the idea of the virtual band has sort of fallen through a little. If you want to listen to the album and imagine Murdoc and the other funny characters sitting around playing it then its likely not going to make sense. But if you just enjoy the music its brilliant.

Anyway, this track features the amazing Hypnotic Brass Ensemble!! ..and also Mos Def.

2 thoughts on “The Afternoon’s Hat

  1. Talking heads… the marque of someone with EXCELLENT TASTE IN MUSIC! Shame you beat me to a post on (Nothing but) Flowers, was going to bung a little Burning Down The House and a little bit of Slippery People in for good measure!

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