The Safety Post

by Jake

Afternoon all! I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting my words so I won’t let a huge intro prolong your period of starvation.

The first of my musical musings is ‘Money’ by the Flying Lizards. I chose this song because it both the cheesiest and the most entertaining song I’ve probably listened to all week, and because I was tired of a scary read (my bank statement) when it struck me as something I could relate to. All together now – “I want money! Thats what I want!”

The next musical masterpiece which has been cooing in my ears for the last few weeks has actually been Vampire Weekend’s relatively new album, Contra. I can imagine many people reading this giving a massive, snobby sigh at the sheer thought of posting something relatively mainstream on a music blog… but as John Prescott once said, FUCK YOU.

The (inferred) title track, ‘I Think UR a Contra’ is a beautiful song, which is, although slow and melodic, quite an eerie veiled assault on a partner through an obviously biased point of view from the crooner’s perspective. Recounting times gone by and betrayals in the past is like trying to persuade BT to get your bill right… frustrating and brings a tear to your eye when its finally all sorted. Lyrics aside, the eclectic mix of instruments is, for lack of eloquence, fucking awesome. Its just a shame I can’t find a good video for this one, but I think this ‘fanvid’ does it a little bit of justice, apart from they’re a little bit Spanish.

Next is something which I know I really shouldn’t like, but its not so often you get to see midgets running through cornfields dressed as a little shoe goblin, now is it? Have you guessed what it is yet? Here’s a little hint:

Oh that’s right! The Safety Dance! Forgotten by many as one of the cardinal sins of the 1980’s, but, for the love of god, that simply has to be the funniest video on the earth at the moment. From prancing midgets, to crazy dancing wenches, to mincing morris-dancers, to some prat with a rag around his neck… sheer musical bullion. And I don’t intend to let anyone forget about it.

One thought on “The Safety Post

  1. I might just be high on sugar and liveblogging, but I really enjoyed this! I’ll have a look at the safety dance later on…

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