I’ve gone all Swedish on you

by Jake

After being prodded, poked, coerced, persuaded, coaxed and then failing that, threatened, by a certain someone, here’s my post… a full twelve hours early!

The band which has been squawking tunefully in my ears for nigh on a week is, of course, everyone’s favourite Swedish garage revival band, complete with spats and crazy dance moves…. The Hives. For some reason I was on the bus, and thought to myself, “God, I loved Tyrannosaurus Hives, how come I don’t have it on Spotify?”

This is the result: The song that put them on the map…

The song that carved out the map… on the Letterman show no less!

And one of the (relatively) newest tracks, and one of my personal favourites…

… just make sure you’re not in the arndale, on a plane etc watching that one.

In other news, even though in style its hardly a quantum leap from The Hives, I’ve had a soft spot for yet ANOTHER Swedish band! The Sounds came crashing round my ears when I was but a wee lad, in 2002, which is a very long time ago now. Their signature style, a little bit raw and rough, and with a lovely synthesiser wedged between plinky-plonky guitar riffs… just my cup of tea! One of the hidden secrets of the Indie/New Wave/Whateveryouwanttobrandthem scene, they’ve always amused and surprised in equal measures.

Here’s Tony the Beat, my personal favourite…

And of course there’s no need for the ubiquitous Living in America. So enjoy painted by numbers instead!

Now wasn’t that beautiful? I have more. I’m pretty sure you would have heard of The Drums, an interesting band from across the pond that was on the BBC’s longlist of talent? No? Their style and playing is reminiscent of The Cure and the Beach Boys, but that sounds a little bit strange when I put it like that. You’ll just have to decide for yourself, after watching these great videos which I prepared earlier:

“Lets Go Surfing”, a seminal single

And ‘Submarine’, another excellent track, and again one of my current favourites. Sorry I couldn’t find the real music video, but you do get to have a look at the handsome lad on the front cover.

And thats that for this week! I’ll be busy being amazing in the mean time.

4 thoughts on “I’ve gone all Swedish on you

  1. The Hives, where did they go? They were one of the hottest things a few years ago and now this is the first time I’ve heard of them since about 2007.

  2. Ah good old international noise conspiracy. Quite topical that Swedes and Hip Hop are taking over the blog.

    They’re quite an old band too aren’t they? I remember you telling me that I should have heard of them… in sixth form!

  3. It’s all part of my nefarious plan to get you to like my kind of music!

    I don’t know where all the Swedes have come from, that wasn’t part of the plan…

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