Gone but not forgotten

by Jake

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of bands that have since broken up and pursued solo careers, experimental projects etc., and it dawned on me that this is now happening quite a lot these days. In fact, it looks like one of the prerequisites for being in a ‘moany. screechy Indie band’ is that you burn like a flare for two years and then fizzle away into ignominy. And although the bands which I will discuss all fit comfortably into that category (moany screechy indie, that is) I still cant help but admire the music which dragged me kicking and screaming through adolescence, so great it was.

Test Icicles, unknown by most and disregarded by just as many, are now defunct but traces of them can be found in Lightspeed Champion’s Devonte Hynes, on the other end of the musical spectrum. Now, Test Icicles are a strange bunch. Former member Hynes, famously claiming that “We were never, ever that keen on the music. I understand that people liked it, but we personally, er, didn’t”, basically sums up the confusing cacophony of synthesisers, guitars, beat boxing, sampling and screeching, which although wont appeal to everyone’s palette, certainly whetted mine. With a good deal of intrinsic humour, Test Icicles could have stood the test of time. They were hailed as one of the most interesting new bands on the scene  in 2005 and the energy which they put into performances often outshone that of those they were meant to be supporting! To my eyes it was a rotten shame that they only produced one studio album before they parted ways, but like I affirmed at the beginning of the post, it was probably the most ‘Indie’ thing to do at the time.

Below: Sharks! The hungry ocean-going man eating fishies got their very own song.

Below: What’s your damage? The only proof I can find that emo kids play basketball.

Frailty, thy name is Indie!

Concluding content with the most excellent Test Icicles, the next band which I long to see live once more – no matter how unlikely it will be – is Be Your Own PET!

Be Your Own PET! (or BYOP for short) is one of my favourite bands. The growing trend I find myself sucked into is that I now prefer female vocalists and front-(wo)men. The reason is that female lead-singers often do twice the work of their male counterparts, and therefore deserve the praise they get from people such as myself. They also have amazing voices, and the frantic nature of Post punk lends itself to the vocal style surprisingly well.  Jemima is no exception.

Originally getting hooked on ‘Fire Department’ all the way back in 2005, I started to listen to this menacingly catchy band’s eponymous album and it instantly became irreversibly lodged in my brain. Forever! ‘Adventure’ is one of the better know tracks, but behold the music I have for you here…

Below: We Will Vacation You Will be My Parasol. It’s a little quiet so you need to turn up the music full blast…

Disclaimer: If you’ve just been deafened, for that I am truly sorry. Just don’t trust a Lancastrian.

Below: Thresher’s Flail. Brilliant opening track if you ask me

And last but not least, a beautiful song which again hails from the first album, Love Your Shotgun. They’re just all so full of energy in a good way, and tastefully done to boot. A little more ‘refined’ than the Test Icicles, but you make what you will of bands like that. I bet they’ll shortly become one of your favourite bands too!


2 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten

  1. Being somewhat a post-punk geek this post pleases me!

    Definitley with you on the female vocalists (and on the Test Icicle/BYOP loving)

    Anyway heres a few post-punk ditties i thought you might enjoy



    Huggy Bear (why dont they put stuff like this on TV anymore?)

    Bikini Kill (not post punk but i think it sums up this post rather well!)


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