Desert Bundles

by Ryan

Ok, I think I’m posting suitably late in the day to make phil worry a bit – so off we go. I was planning to do one of those themed posts this week, but instead I’m gonna give you a selection of tracks that I’ve been enjoying this week.

First up – have you heard the new Massive Attack album? After the first three tracks  it was set to be one of my new favourite albums. But oh no.  After this its a bit hit and miss, which is a shame. What’s most dissapointing is that some of the songs I don’t like so much could be vastly improved by a different choice of singer. Of course you may disagree so please give the full album a try,  (its called heligoland) but I’m going to give you the track that caught my attention to begin with.

Jeffrey Lewis will be making an appearance this week as well, as part of The Bundles. He’s teamed up with antifolk sensation Kimya Dawson as well as his brother Jack, Anders Griffin and a man called Karl Blau, and formed what is technically a supergroup. And they are super. Apparently the projects been on and off for around eight years, the various members putting together songs whenever their schedules allowed it. The results are brilliant.

For anyone who’s in London they’re playing a set at the union chapel on wednesday night, although Kimya Dawson won’t be present, and you need to buy a ticket for around £15.

So whilst checking which tracks were on youtube I’ve just realised that the entire album is there.. I’ve just been listening to the two on their myspace. woops! Well there it is for you to listen to if you fancy, and here’s one of the tracks that I had heard before which got me hooked.

Now, I love PJ Harvey, and I love Thom Yorke (of radiohead fame), yet somehow a track featuring both of them has only just come to my attention.  It’s taken from PJ’s album ‘Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea’ and it’s pretty much perfect.

Finally, I knew I’d have to bring in bjork at some point, so it may as well be now. I’ve been listening to this next track for a while now, and it’s likely that everyone has heard it, but it’s a good one to start people off with. So if anyone’s not given bjork a full listen, give this a try. The song is featured on her album Homogenic, but a remixed version of it. The one below is the original.

That’s all for this week. I think next week I’m going to betray my artists instinct by writing my post before the deadline. chow.

One thought on “Desert Bundles

  1. Im with you on Heligoland, i mean Guy Garvey WTF? i think the main problem is that everything Massive Attack does will be in the shadow of Mezzanine.

    Faced a quandry the other night- two pairs of my favourite songwriters were performing on the same night (Lou Barlow & J. Mascis as Dinosaur Jr. and Kimya Dawson & Jeffery Lewis as The Bundles) decided upon Dinosaur Jr. in the end, no regrets u must say, though The Bundles are pretty good!


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