Arguably the best thing that ever came out of Barrow

Updated 01/08/2010

No, its not the damn submarines, its Aim (Andrew Turner). He’s DJ and Producer who was born there and probably the best thing thats come out of that town in his lifetime. He generally creates chilled out instrumentals, and rather good ones at that. My housemate introduced me to him at the beginning of the year and I found I really enjoyed his music. He was my main entry point into the instrumental side of music.

Here is a song of his album Flight 602. I think this album is his best album to date, taking the album as a whole.

Aim also collaborates with Kate Rogers to create some pretty cool sounding female vocals, in a similar vein to what Bonobo does with Andreya Tiana. She features on this track of Aim’s, the title track from his album Cold Water Music. This song shows the under current you’ll find in quite a lot of Aim’s collaborations with Kate Rogers – a chilled out song with a tinge of sadness about it. Other good examples are The Sail and The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice. Anyway, here is the track:

Aim does have some hip hop influence too. On the album Cold Water Music you’ll find the song Aint Got No Time To Waste featuring YZ. This is a pretty – yes you guessed it – chilled out hip hop track and worth a listen to (chill seems to be Aim’s thing). Along with this you have another track which is a clever collection of samples put together by Aim into a ‘funky’ track. He’s definitely been digging in the crates for this one. The video has been made by some French bloke who put the music to some snowboarders doing cool stuff:

They’re so cool!

On the same album is a track called “Original Stuntmaster” where Aim mixes together an instrumental he created with a recording of an interview with Evil Kenival about his attempt to jump across a river in Idaho. Its a cool idea and is quite relaxing to listen to. I’ll try and track it down later, a look on youtube showed it wasn’t there.

Update: Word on the street is its on Spotify, have a look if you have it.

Now onto something completely different to tie things up with. Last weekend I got a bit angry over a few things and a good way to get rid of it is to burn off some energy. I decided to do a work out to this song, one which works especially well if you’re doing some boxing to calm down. My favourite live band I’ve seen so far, its Pitchshifter!

Apologies for the slightly poor sound quality, if you d/l the file you’ll get a clearer version.

Hmm… I can’t resist putting one more thing in, something which will hopefully put you in the summer mood! Created by a German DJ who Aim covered, a chap called Tosca:

Updated for Ellie:

After chatting to you last night, you – and anyone else who’s been following my posts – might like these next three tracks. You mentioned you were into rap battles or at least into making up lyrics on the spot, so here is J*Davey, a female rapper/singer who does two fantastic verses on this short track. Its produced by J Dilla and possibly my favourite hip hop track by a female rapper to date:

She also covered Iggy Pop’s I wanna be your dog and although this was done live – hence the poor sound quality – she does it pretty damn well! Also check out that mohawk!

Since you showed me some cool RJD2 tracks I thought I’d throw one back at you. RJD2 and Aceyalone collaborated to create one of my favourite Hip Hop albums to date, Magnificent City, and they also brought out this fantastic track. Check it out:


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