Possibly the only positive inspiration ever documented from GTA IV

by Phil

This past week I’ve been having a bit of trouble catching up on new music. I’d like to think thats because of my busy schedule, hustling night and day, but the truth is a bit plainer. I managed to convince a friend of mine to lend me his PS3 and TV for a while and I’ve been hooked on GTA IV ever since. It is a damn good game, if you get the chance to cajole a friend into lending you his PS3 then get on it!

So, earlier today (this being Wednesday) I put on my Skinnyman’s Council Estate of Mind album on in my car for the first time in months. This is a pretty good album from quite an old emcee on the UK circuit. The entire album is cut with skits from a film called Made In Britain, based on a 16 year-old thug’s escalating confrontations with state authorities. This propels the album from being a regular hip hop album to something that is rather interesting: it gives an insight into the mindstate of people living in tower blocks in North London. Anyway, here is a track from the album that those who’ve played GTA IV will be able to pretend to associate to, or anyone who’s decided to have a confrontation with their ‘haters’.

Anyway, I slapped “British Hip Hop” into Google and I started to have a gander for some new stuff that I haven’t listened to.  Straight away I managed to find a Swedish group called Trainspotters. Finding more than a few songs of theirs on YouTube hasn’t proved easy so I’m going to have to look more into them later on. Still, they are similar to Looptroop aside from the fact their lyrics (so far) aren’t as misguided and immature as Looptroops are on Modern Day City Sympothy! I still like Looptroop, I just don’t feel their anti-authoritarian attitude. To be fair to them, here is another cool track by them (check the beat on this song). Back to the topic at hand, Feel The Vibe by Trainspotters is quite a fun chilled out song, a nice song for summer:

I was going to tell you that I’d discovered Jack Flash today through the magic of Google but that would be a bit of a lie. I came across him on youtube over a year and a half ago, possibly before I came to university. I added him to a playlist of mine and I’ve been periodically listening to him ever since. I think his flow is pretty sick for a British rapper and I like the way his video is done. I’ve included the playlist in the link below. The Paragon Anthem is in there for a bit of fun (although I do like the beat) and the majority of the rest of the playlist tracks some of the developments in my taste of hip hop over the last couple of years. Check him (and the rest) out:

Ignore the Craaaiig David track in that playlist. It’s there to remind me that he never was that good.

There is one more set of British rappers that I would like to highlight this week. Foreign Beggars are a set of rappers from London and I first discovered them in my gap year. I bought their album Stray Point Agenda in London on my trip around the south with my camera. It was a bit of an odd time for me and the album kind of fitted it. On one hand I was carrying a lot of weight due to events over the previous couple of months, yet at the same time I was living off the optimism and beauty of the places I was visiting, and the pictures I was able to produce. The album mixes together several very depressing songs, a few political ones, a couple of aggressive ones and a beatboxing skit by Shlomo. I’m going to leave you with the deeper songs from that album as I couldn’t pick one to represent them all, and I think they’re really good. I love hearing stuff which is different from the regular themes in rap, or at least has a completely different vibe to it. I’ve cobbled them together in another youtube playlist for you. Here is the first track, enjoy..

Added Bonus:

From their album Asylum Speakers, here is Foreign Beggars best track to date. It’s got all the good hallmarks of a decent hip hop song. Check it out:

One thought on “Possibly the only positive inspiration ever documented from GTA IV

  1. Ye man, feeling the foreign beggars!

    have you heard some of their stuff with noisia? its pretty ‘full-on’, interesting time/tempo changes towards the end!

    Really liking Bashy’s take on ‘lights are blinding’ (before he got shit!)


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