Mixtape #2 : I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care.

This weeks theme is that most productive of  feelings, apathy.

So it is with more than an ounce of irony (and a dollop of regret..) that I present to you mix the second, minus several contributions. Rest assured that these apathetic fellows will be relegated to the naughty step of The Music Diary towers and will promise never ever to be late again!

Anyway, as they say in showbiz, ‘the show must go on!’ and so it must…



here for all you internet explorer luddites (i jest of course, but seriously…)


Breaking news: Four more tracks added this afternoon! And so those who have since contributed may remove the dunce’s hat of shame.

3 thoughts on “Mixtape #2 : I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care.

  1. Haha I love the photo!

    Once again, I’m pretty sure I managed to completely miss the common consensus. Well, my two tracks are based on two different interpretations of apathy.

    The Stones remix is based on the way I’ve interpretated that song. Based on being the Devil, it inspired a devil-may-care attitude in me, so to hell with the consequences of my actions. I don’t care and I don’t want to know.

    The second track (should be obvious) reminded me of previous summers, of freedom and sunshine, not giving a damn about any problems, not wanting to know about any more, and just enjoying the beauty of the world.

    Heh.. I guess its the justification needed to explain why the songs themselves aren’t much to do with apathy.

  2. Was going to include ‘no values’ by Black Flag but thought since i included them last week id do something different!

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