Crazy For Crazy’s sake: Rectal motherfuckin’ Anarchy

Altered States of America by Agoraphobic Nosebleed: 100 fucking tracks in 20 minutes (compressed into a handy 2 part youtube video)

This is just white noise to you so I’m not sure why I’m bothering.

Theres a ton of shit in there as well as breakneck digigrind, samples, weird sound effects, people simply shouting about how gay black metal is….something for everyone.

Rediculous lyrics that exist simply to offend you, with no more purpose than a child shouting “POOOO!”.

Crack my fucking dog’s head wide open.
Dogs just like a fuckin’ woman,
hit ’em and they just love you more.

Yeah, I ‘m no longer hocking the whole respect for women and not prejudging angle. That got old 2 and a half minutes ago. Straight out mysogyny’s the scene this week. I think this one works really well cos it not only gets you with sexism, but also cruelty to animals, which is also awesome at igniting self righteous fury.

Narcoterrorist Megalomaniac

There’s so much money in guns and drugs
I could have anyone killed
with a phone call.
South American women
being torn apart by huge cats
for my masturbatory amusement.
Nothing like paying for a four thousand
dollar boob job on a third world slut
and have it ravaged by albino tigers.
While having another slut on your dick
trying to disprove her expandability.

Absurd Boast

I was getting my cock sucked
when the plane collided into the second tower.
She spit my nut up
and wiped her mouth

Homophobic Assbleed

You’ve always had a tampon hanging
halfway out your ass you fuckin’
motherless cunt.
with the American flag.

…And so it goes on and on and on for 100 tracks of nothing but crazy for crazy’s sake. Pure crazy. Waiting for some intellectual jackass to say in the comments something like “it’s not crazy because it’s trying to be and thus………..(cue obvious boring intelligent discourse)”

It’s also a fun trivia fact that Scott Hull, of ANB, is also in Pig Destroyer and Anal Cunt, 2 other awesome grind bands famous for pissing you off, and while Pig Destroyer are waxing some incredible romantic lyrics on par with Shakespere (but another post on that later), Anal Cunt are probably even more troll worthy than ANB, who have some mega song names like “Recycling is Gay”, “Van Full Of Retards”, and “I Sent a Thank You Card To The Guy Who Raped You”. As well as more Irony Laden self aware tracks like “If You Don’t Like The Village People, You’re Gay”, and “I’m Glad Jazz Faggots Don’t Like Us Anymore”.

Anyway, back to ANB, when I got the CD from amazon it also came with an awesome bonus CD too, full of remixes and stuff. Every single song has “rectal anarchy” in the title, which is pretty lol.

Tossin’ Dick Johnson’s Salad Rectal Anarchy is probably my favorite. Yeah, I know it dosen’t make sense, shut up.

Anyway, that CD is even less comprehendable than the original 100 chaotic tracks of Altered States of America, consisting of nothing but extremely raw digigrind, and some samples put together in a way to simply be obscene. I once saw music like this used on an ITV3 pseudo-documentary once, it was about meat, and slaughterhouses in particular, showing a recently deceased cow going through every glorious stage of becomming beef, from decapitation, draining of blood, evisceration etc. Whatever it was it was heavy as fuck. The whole thing was pretty brutal (lol cliche word).

I’ll put up a video later of the infamous “CD2” when I get time/cba, for no real reason. I guess just to obnoxiously shove how “lolcrazy” it is down your throats.

So yeah, call this shit crazy for crazy’s sake, or whatever the fuck you want. Analyse the fuck out of it. Call it a childish plea for attention or something, I don’t give a shit, cos I think it fuckin’ jams!

4 thoughts on “Crazy For Crazy’s sake: Rectal motherfuckin’ Anarchy

  1. AnB hell fucking yes!

    Gotta ressurect Minced Prostate at some time..

    for more obscene metallic fun let me direct you to SHAT (ex DEP)

    Think theyre freinds with Seth from AC and have done some collab or something..

    whatever it is it brings teh lulz.

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