Music: Everyone is full of shit

Everyone likes to think that music brings people together and is some kind of undeniable social rapture that makes friendships and squashes beef. However, this is bullshit. Music causes far more animosity than collusion in my experience, due to the fact that everyone has a different opinion, knows that they are right, and has a deep emotional attatachment to whatever their choice is. As well as this, you probably like to validate your own opinion and gain further acceptaince by putting down all else. This would be fine, exept everyone else thinks like this too, and due to emotional attatchments, gets offended when you trash something so dear to them.

Anyhows, my post this week is more of a reflection of this post, from, entitled “A Taxonomy of Hate”, basically detailing all the reasons people have to hate music. Read it, it’s only short but pretty damn true.

The main point is that truly bad music dosn’t actually go anywhere, nor warrent hate. Hate is for 3 reasons:

1. Asserting superiority over the fans of a genre

2. Fear of your “scene”, being breached/corrupted

3. Direct opposition to the core values of a genre

Also, I found it quite funny how the comments are full of people falling square into the first catagory, because, ya know, middle class white people soooooo much better than hip hop and chavs.

Blackout Crew: Oh no! It’s the proles!

I have been guilty of all of these at some point, but now I’m generally on the receiving end more often than not. This is partly because of having jumped from metal elitism to the other extremes of flamboyant crunkcore/pop punk gayness, and hip hop griminess. It’s also partly because I like to play up whatever aspect of my taste will piss off people the most, and I realise that normally I use these 3 reasons as bait.

As featured on the article, I love the music of blackout crew, and what else could be more repulsive to middle class music dorks than chavs and “donk” music, some kind of northern interpretation of grime. This is pretty much the best possible example.

I remember back in the day a few years ago, when Bring Me The Horizon, a deathcore group from sheffield, came out, and the sheer hatred from the metal scene they were getting. I heard them, thought they were decent enough, not awesome, maybe a bit too derivative, but still pretty good. Surely the hatred they were getting was unjustified, they’re just another mediocre metal band, why the hate when there are so many others like them. Then I saw a picture of them, and it all made sense.

These were not big scary men in leather jackets and long hair. They were not even trying to be. They were just skinny effeminate kids with sideswept fringes. “Emo” had got too close to metal, and it made everyone really uncomfortable. Nothing takes the wind out of your sales when a band you’ve tarnished as “emo”, is heavier, faster, and has a singer that growls lower than the latest band of big menly men being touted as the new heavy thing.

As well as this, their singer, Oli Sykes, is “fit”, so they have a massive female following. Hence all the nerdy socially awkward metal dudes get insecure. I’m just happy I can go to metal gigs and they’ll be tons of hot chicks there!

Finally, my beloved brokeNCYDE, who are pretty much the best example of all three rules, plus no doubt some more. The most hated band on the planet…

lol @ original crappy DIY video

Damn, makes me wana go out again…just like last summer.


2 thoughts on “Music: Everyone is full of shit

  1. Love the article! Especially true about insecurities etc. on behalf of ‘scene bashing! Interesting social study yadda yadda waffle waffle etc etc, but it made me laugh very hard. One and a half thumbs up 😀

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