Nick and Natasha..I’m off to Brighton

Here we go, your weekly dose of oestrogen has arrived and the pressure seems to be on to supply this male dominated blog something really worth listening to.  However thankfully it’s not a one off special so the pressure isn’t intensifying to a stifling peak to prove that The Music Diaries needs a female voice…I’ll be here every Tuesday and in fact it probably doesn’t.

This week seems to have flown by under a solemn and mediocre wave of endless coffee and revision; I had no choice but to resort to one of my all time favourite artists and the coolest man alive to get me through.  I mean who else would really tell MTV to withdraw his nomination for best male artist? The ‘coolest’ man may seem like an exaggeration but he’s definitely too cool for MTV.  My Nick-Cave-fits-all-attitude even managed to cheer me up after suffering Kelvin MacKenzie on Questime, he made me instantly search for Murder Ballads.  If you’ve never heard this album before then simply, get on it. Don’t be put off by the Kylie Minogue duet ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’, it’s a Kylie you’ve never known, plus the album more notably features PJ Harvey which surely counteracts the initially dodgy sounding duet.  So without digressing any further here is one of my favourite tracks from the album..Kelvin thank you for bringing this back into my life:

I think the track speaks for itself, it’s a hauntingly captivating and intense performance, I am insanely jealous of anyone who was there. I wasn’t too sure about the backing singers at first but they really help build the tension especially with the piano trills. So once I got rid of all that angst I turned to another Nick Cave classic. Mercy Seat is equally haunting but in a completely different dark and melancholic way. I’ve lost count as to how many versions there are of this song, but Cave’s stripped down piano version is pretty close to perfection in my opinion.  It’s also worth checking out Cash’s cover of Mercy Seat that he recorded in 2000 I think. Anyway skip to 1:50 for the start of the song, although if you have the patience it’s actually quite amusing to hear the short interview, Nick Cave seems to be having a great day.

I’ve also been listening to a fair bit of Krystle Warren this week. I first hear her a while back when she performed ‘Title Track’ from her album circles on TV. I’m still completely captivated by her performances, her facial expressions (especially watch out for the eyebrows…they’re truly something special) and whole body seem to be so emotionally connected with the song and at one with the piano or guitar. Unfortunately I’m slightly disappointed with the rest of her album when I found it on spotified it earlier on in the week, it doesn’t seem to do her voice that much justice and has a slight over manufactured tinge with some mediocre songs, but Central Park is definitely worth a listen from the NYC  Subway album. For those of you lucky to be in London on the 12th and 13th June she’s performing at the South Bank Centre.

This past week I’ve also been dreaming about my future move to Brighton, not only does Nick Cave himself live there, it’s also home to Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes. I have to admit that until recently I only began to listen to her first album and I’m currently addicted to it, especially the Horse and I. It’s not really surprising that I love it, she’s got a mystical fairytale softness to her voice, almost Bjork-esque, and similar to Cat Power in some respects.

I have no idea how someone can make those sounds from a saw, but I think it’s absolutely fascinating. I might be heading to a DIY store sometime this summer and trying it out myself, although I did say that last summer when it featured prominently at Greenman festival.. someone please remind me. Back to Bat for Lashes I’m much more familiar with her second album when her alter ego Pearl takes control, it’s got slightly more produced feel to the album and unfortunately the saw doesn’t seem to feature greatly. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any less of it. Now I’m not a fan at all of downloading albums off itunes I’d much rather have the cd but itunes had the power of bonus track ‘Wilderness’ so I gave in to downloading it and in this case itunes defeated me and I can’t say I regret it in the slightest.

Ok so first post is over and I want to know what some of you think, although go easy on me. Despite what some of you may think I’m all soft and sweet on the inside…maybe.

2 thoughts on “Nick and Natasha..I’m off to Brighton

  1. Motherfucker! I was gonna do Bat For Lashes sometime.

    Daniel is totally my Jam

    Also, Welcome aboard and all that

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