Spooks and Chills

Morning music lovers! Todays post is quite possibly not for you, but please read anyway!

This week’s mini post is on the topic of creepyness. Not in a ‘pigs head on a stick’ kind of creepyness, oooh no. A different type altogether. The type that sends shivers down my spine even though I really know it shouldn’t. Think more on the lines of “What is the musician trying to convey? Why does it sound so upbeat when it’s blatantly a song about deception, lies, possibly even murder?”. It’s a theme which nearly always induces me to make up scenarios surrounding the song – my own personal brain-theatre, where I envision my own music-video how I THINK THAT FUCKING TRACK SHOULD LOOK LIKE BITCHES! Contrapuntal music is a theme which I like more and more I hear it. But some of these probably don’t classify as contrapuntal. Give ’em a goosey anyway.

TANTRUM by Whitey

I really don’t know what it is about this song that makes me quiver so. Is it the silky smooth voice that sounds so dreamlike yet obviously has some kind of viscous target, a bit like HAL 9000? Calmness seems to be the new way to terrorise us.


Now this one always gets me. In my own personal delusional theatre, this song is being played to someone who’s just died, wandering down a vast, never-ending baroque gallery (think the never-ending staircase on Mario 64 and you’ll know what I’m on about), with each of their best and worst memories throughout their life encased in huge gilded frames. Poetic, no?

SHADOWPLAY by The Killers (cover of Joy Division)

Proof that Synthesisers can be scary. No compromise on killers style, with more than a dash of creepy cynicism. Quiver factor: 8.9 on the Van Wobbler scale. Only through this song can anyone begin to hope to understand the mental state of Ian Curtis in his last days.

And thats all folks! I know its been a bit of a novelty post, but I’m sure something more will come out of my head in time for next week! Till then. TTYL KK LMAO BRB.


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