Easycore: where it’s at this summer

So sorry this motherfucker is aprox 20 hours late I guess.Spent the weekend moving house in Manchester, then got back at like 10, with the Fuhrer telling me to go out, followed by work in the morning. This isn’t a great excuse, but I hope you can begin to understand my quagmire a little, being that I am now a propper working man, spending my days mowing grass, sitting in transit vans with other workers saying things like “you lot finish this, I’m gonna spend the afternoon shagin’ er” whenever anything vaguely female walks by, and priming power tools (I look like the guy in Doom in full strimming gear :D).Yes, I am a working man from Lancashire.

This summer, we should all have barbeques, buy copious tank tops and gym shorts from the Victory Records Webstore, and blast out blink-182 while playing frisbee and drinking beer. However, what happens when you (as I have) already listened to Blink’s entire back catalogue umpteen times, and you feel like you should give “whats my age again” a rest untill your 23rd birthday? What if your street/metal/hipster/dork status will be severely damaged if you are caught listening to something so well known, you might not have time to shout “ITS FOR NOSTALGIA/IRONY!” as you all do when you want to listen to something that might be met with disaproval. You want something energetic and summery still though. You need something marginally heavier, you need Easycore!

You probably remember New Found Glory from back in the day, with their “pop punk but kina heavier” vibe.

Well, since then “pop punk but kina heavier” went on to be the basis for a whole new genre, currently at its apparent peak, “easycore”. Like hardcore but friendly and happy.

NFG were one of the first, but now this shit is huge! Pretty much all those colourful band t shirts with some weird monster or goo on them will be an Easycore band (or possibly deathcore)

Anyways, these bands all play a slightly wigged up but self aware brand of happy, tuneful music that is still plenty moshful, and will occasionally throw in the odd xbr00talxbreakdownx for a few seconds of extreme mosh assault.

Right now the kings of Easycore are A Day To Remember, who seem to be pretty much the perf example of “heavy but chicks will still dig it”:

These dudes recently sold out the Manchester academy! So you can be pretty sure that easycore is a happening scene right now. I think this is a rare case of awesomeness not being compromised by exposure!

Easycore comes into its own in the live arena thought, where you can, in the same show, mosh/dance/get sweaty w/ bros, jump up and down in a line, shout chorus’s, sing chorus’s aaaand they’ll be tons of chicks there! Ingredients for the perfect gig!

Another good easycore band I’ve repped here before is the mosh4christ easycore band Close your Eyes. Due to the general positive vibe of the genre, alot of christians seem to live here.

Ultimate uplifting happyness in mosh format

And to show you the wiggerific extremes of the genre, here is an absolutely stellar lil john cover by Set Your Goals, still sitting comfortably on my “pre night” playlists.


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