Hittin’ the Shuffle

Today’s guest post is written by a charming man I met in Leeds. Currently studying at the prestigious university, Julian Benson has spent a significant share of his spare time collecting music along with cooking fantastic meals. I’m not entirely sure on the exact figure but Julian currently owns about 74GB of music, possibly more than the mighty Rowan! So, the unenviable task was set to Julian to condense that amount of music into a few songs for today’s post…

This week I’ve been away from my computer so I’ve decided to start off by telling you about the first three songs that came up on my iPod using shuffle.

First up is Lamb’s Lullaby. I was first introduced to Lamb about ten years ago. In that time I’ve met few people who have heard of them. Though they had two ‘hits’ with Gabriel and Gorecki, I prefer their slower tracks as they reveal the power behind singer Lou Rhode’s voice. Lullaby is possibly my favourite track by Lamb. It starts simply and builds to a heady conclusion that always leaves me on a high. It’s one of those songs that leave you clear headed and a little bit awestruck; definitely a song to be listened to in private.

If you liked that then I recommend Please which similarly focuses on Rhode’s voice.

The song Cotton Wool demonstrates the other side to Lamb’s duo, namely producer Andy Barlow. Barlow’s drum mixes place Rhode’s voice in an unexpected environment. I think this makes for some great club tracks, especially some of the remixes which you can find on Spotify.

Next up in this parade of the unknowns is Anthony Simon’s Blockhead. I bought their album by accident meaning to get Bloc Party. Instead of an album of moderately good rock music, I got the awesomely good trip hop instrumentals found on Music by Cavelight. The album’s opening track Insomniac Olympics really shows what makes Blockhead good, strong samples with excellent beats. Enjoy

The album is excellent and I much prefer it to the albums that followed: Downtown Science and The Music Scene.

Now I’m starting to hope for a more upbeat track. Let’s see what we get…

Now we’re talking, The Delays. This indie band still haven’t made it ‘big’ but their first two albums are excellent and their third comes out this month. Love Made Visible comes from the second album Everything’s the Rush. If you enjoy it then listen to: Valentine, Pieces, and Nearer than Heaven. The Delays will probably never make it into the mainstream but they are a consistently fun band up there with Kula Shaker, Puggy, and The Seahorses (and if you said “huh?” to all of them then shame on you).

Moving into the general idea of the blog, I’ve been managing to listen to a few songs even though I’ve been away from my computer. Before producing the Gorillas and forming Gnarls Barkley, producer Danger Mouse was famous for ‘The Grey Album’ a mashup of Jay-Z’s ‘Black Album’ and The Beatle’s “White Album’. I’m still not sure what I think of it but I do say it’s worth a listen.

I’ll leave you with the always excellent Gnarls Barkley. Made famous by Crazy, an admittedly awesome track, I think their second album, The Odd Couple, features the at least comparably good Going On. I’ve been listening to them all of this week and I’m just not getting bored of their stuff.

Hope you’ve enjoyed at least some of the songs.


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