Moving Out Muses (now with added spellcheck and music!)


…and now for my most daring feat, this weeks post will be done without the aid of listening to any music at all – It’s been a bit of a week for me what with moving house (stressful) and attending my first stag do (bizarre) so forgive me if I am a little sketchy today (shattered) as everything will be done purely from memory!

Inspired by these  emotions I will present to you a song which relates, at least in my warped mind to each one.

So my first choice is fitting though perhaps too obvious (fuck it)- Stress by french electro-house vanguards Justice.  The jarring string samples throughout the track echo the tension of a  Bernard Herrmann score and literally make my muscles tense every time I hear them.  The track is also accompanied by a fantastic video directed by Romain Gavras (who also directed the video for M.I.A’s Born Free & DJ Medhi’s Signatune) which was  banned from TV in France.  Also worth checking out is the Auto remix on  Ed Records Vol. 3, which whilst slightly less ‘stressy’ still packs a formidable punch.

The apathy heard in Thurston Moore’s voice in Junkie’s promise reflects just how much this week has taken its toll on me, but luckily it’s not a week I’ll have to relive anytime soon- I am now in my new house (though minus a bed grr) and loving it! Anyway, heres Junkies promise off my 2nd favourite Sonic Youth album (after Murray Street) – Washing Machine.

Perhaps a summation of my mixed(ill call it ‘eclectic’) week can be found in Art Brut’s excellent ‘Bad Weekend’, though I guess maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic as I’ve actually on the whole had a pretty good time!

In other news my laptop is finally fixed, so look forward to a more fleshed out post next week, perhaps even the return of our mixtape!


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