Summer Lovin’

So hows y’all after last night? I gave my keys to the Portugese chick, so after stumbling through town, ended up having to crash at Ryan’s in a deal brokered by the all knowing, all seeing, ever compassionate chairman Mace. Ryan wasn’t particularly great for wear either though, as you can see when I went up to see him in the morning and found him happily snoozing in a small pool of his own urine.

Anyhow, last night gave me a real great summer feelin’, and it’s only gonna get better from here on out. Actually this whole weekends been awesome like that, probably enhanced by having to work these days. In fact by the time this gets posted I’ll probably be in a van heading out to fuck knows where to do some hardcore gardening.

So summer musics! On Friday night I was getting ready to go out and hang out with some peoples, and knowing that we would probably end up back at mine made up a giant awesome playlist, which has since been titled “Summer 2010”, and will from now on serve as a template to all the awesome times I’ll have over the next few months.

Anyway, one song from my awesome playlist, that I’ve been jamming a ton recently, is the rather silly “Summer Girl” by some Canadian band called Stereos. They kind of sound like a cross between T-Pain and Forever the Sickest Kids, or perhaps think of Blink with a ton of autotune.

Again with this fuckin’ alt dude with monroe piercing going for the hot mainstream chick thing

Wish I knew about this song last summer, because it would have been a perfect theme tune for those times. Although maybe a little more fitting if you replace “I’ll never see you again” with “I’ll see you on and off for the next few months”. But other than that yeah, pretty hilariously fitting.

Chuggy chug chug deathcore is also pretty in on my epic playlist, and my favorite right now is another jam from those awesome pioneers of Lobecore, Suffokate, called “Constant Urge to Kill”.

Just love that fucking unrelenting powerviolence vibe to it! The clicky bass drums, the bass drops every breakdown, the high croaky vocals augmenting the singers impressive low growl. Everything just so powerful and energetic. I’m even getting a sort of summery vibe from it too, in a strange way. Maybe it’s cos that sound is just so synonymous with tank tops, new era’s and basketball shorts.

Now I need to track that Portugese chick down and get my fucking keys back, laters!

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