What came first, the music or the misery?

Do I listen to pop music because I’m miserable or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?’’

I’m sure you all will have seen High Fidelity, if not you should, if you have I hope you’ve appreciated the painstakingly chosen soundtrack. I’ve been given the task of helping my beloved schwester write a playlist for her wedding and I was going through some of my favourite albums with a bit of everything..something for the oldies and something to groooooove too. Hence High Fidelity topped the list.

13th Floor Elevators kick off the soundtrack with their characteristic psychedelic garage rock sound, with their top hit ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’. Laura the annoying blonde character that becomes lovely towards the end has just dumped Rob, the self-pitying and self- loathing protagonist. So without more waffle here we go:

Next up is The Kinks ‘Everybody’s Gonna be Happy’, this is a classic instant feel good track to lift anybody glum mood. Voila!

However the next track is nothing less than a huge disappointment in my opinion (please feel free to disagree in fact I’d write like to know if and why you think it’s any good). It’s called ‘I’m wrong about everything’ by a Mr John Wesley Harding. So I’ll swiftly move on to the one… the only… Velvet Underground with their groovy ‘Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ ..what a lovely lovely song. The Velvet Underground – Oh! Sweet Nuthin’

Track six is possibly my favourite of the soundtrack (but please don’t hold me to that). However I’m guilty of not knowing much about the band Love apart from their album Four Sail in which their track ‘Always see your face’ is track six on the soundtrack. Enjoy!

Now the next track is from a sticky period of Bob Dylans life span but it’s still got a charm to it that I can’t seem to shake off. Neither YouTube or Spotify have ‘Most of the Time’ however check out Grooveshark, it’s in his 1989 album Oh Mercy, it’s worth a listen too.

After this is a very soppy lovey dovey song, that I know most of the readers of this blog wont enjoy, but just in case there are some loved up thirteen year olds out there, I’m linking it anyway. After all when I was roughly thirteen I did love it…. don’t judge me (although you all already do anyway).This is for Babs!

Track 8 is a brilliant nodding head song, Thom Yorke once said that he wanted to be as good as the Beta Band.  As there are 15 tracks on this soundtrack and I’ve spent 6 hours of my day on a bus coming back from London I just cannot write about them all and stay sane, so I’ve skipped a few of them.  However I cannot skip Stereolabs LO BOOB OSCILLATOR , which is truely ‘allternative’ indie pop along the lines of Belle and Sebastian, which are also mentioned when Dick says ‘This is the new Belle and Sebastian’ and then Barry says ‘ It’s old miserable music’..so make your own mind up:

Now the next track is dedicated to my favourite jazz man Sir Alex Marsden…say no more:

My penultimate track is by some lo fi noise rock ,alternative rock ‘Royal Trux’- Inside Games:

When I first heard this track I couldn’t place where about this fitted in the film, but I was informed by a certain friend that it is the demo of the two thieving punks.

And Finally I’m going to end on a high note with a certain 2010 summer festival headliner Mr Stevie Wonder with I Believe (When I fall in love it will be forever)…oooh how romantic!


4 thoughts on “What came first, the music or the misery?

  1. Oh I muchos muchos like this – I think I have a copy of Forever Changes by Love if you’d like a copy???

    I’m still wondering about the music and the misery though…..

    • Yeeaah (imagine me doing your ‘yeeeaaaaah’ gig shout) definitely that would be great, i love Four Sail and want to hear more more more. I’m not sure who is more likely to end up like rob in the picture at the top, it’s a close call between you Ryan and Tommie, whatcha think?

    • Yeah Beta Band are fantastic, i honestly meant to put a link to that but tiredness kicked in really fast as soon as i started writing this…thank you!

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