For once, I thought I’d do a post on some lovely old music. Post-war music to be exact. And this post-war music is definitely not post war British music because as we all know it’s a little bit rubbish. No, I’m going to focus entirely on the post-war shenanigans of North America, a country which was arguably in the best position (i.e. made a massive profit)  in the world after the fighting in Europe – and that certainly had a lift on the atmosphere of the place.

Admittedly, the only reason I’ve begun to listen to this type of music is because of a certain game (bet you can’t guess!) and I’ve only just begun to love it for its stylised branch of happiness and forced enjoyability which I think seems to permeate the music of the period.

This twee little number is a dead-cert favourite of mine because of one line – “the bees are the stingiest” – and bet they are in Bob Crosby‘s fantastic imagination land. I mean, my home is Lancaster and I can think of a lot of superlatives for the place but none of them would be nice, to put it bluntly. “The streets are the mingiest, the people the shittiest”, and I wrote that without even thinking.

This one is also one of my favourites, simply because instead of yearning for civilization its pointedly reversed in a funny and entertaining way. These days if you said you didn’t want to leave the Congo you’d be branded a lunatic, unless of course you like getting slashed by machete wielding mercenaries.

Good old Bing. The quintessential gentleman, the epitome of the ‘film noir-y’ men whom always had wit and charisma in bags. And this song is no exception. It looks as though he might just be making it up on the spot, just letting it seep out so to speak.

And that’s all folks for this week! Tune in for more musical quandaries next Saturday.

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