Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue

As you read this I will be recovering from attending my first wedding, I’ve been told I’m going to be an ‘Usher’ who up until that point I thought was an R&B singer who wanted to ‘make love in this club’ (via Rock-afire explosion) an inappropriate gesture in a church I’m sure you’ll agree, so I will categorically not be using his behaviour as a guide for mine.

Usher: Not welcome at weddings.

Anyway confusions aside said wedding will be the inspiration for the following post though you probably guessed that from the  title!

Something Old

I must admit finding a truly ‘old’ choice is a challenge for me; my musical tastes mostly date from circa 1970 onwards! With this in mind 1973 is the year, and the song is ‘Gimme Danger’ by Iggy Pop & The Stooges. To be honest I could have chosen any song off Raw Power as they are all classics, this however I believe is The Stooges at their very finest, even eclipsing the iconic ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’.

Theres a certain je ne sais quoi about Iggy Pop which is undeniably and immeasurably cool, that is until he started doing insurance ads! Nonetheless songs don’t come much cooler than this. encapsulating the epitome of rock and roll in just under 4 minutes. Take that prog rock!

Something New

Since my ‘old’ choice was a bit of a cop-out I will compensate with an incredibly ‘new’ choice and thus equilibrium will be restored.  ‘Meat Balloon’ appears on Pulled Apart By Horses‘ self titled debut, released a few weeks ago; a veritable riff fest if I ever heard one!

However to truly appreciate PABH you must see them live. In an age where ‘cool’ indie bands pose as (e)motionless manikins, it’s refreshing to see a show as chaotic as their’s. Expect stage invasions, toppling speaker stacks and enough health and safety breaches to induce a minor heart attack to the local authorities.

I first came to know of PABH after the sad demise of Mother Vulpine (who I could not help but shoehorn into this post). Though the optimist mantra  ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ rings truer than ever; like a hydra, two excellent bands PABH and Dinosaur Pile-up  sprung up from the original.

Something Borrowed

Now, time for a ‘borrowed’ song and again I may be using a rather tenuous interpretation but I’m taking a ‘borrowed song’ to mean ‘cover’. I’m not overly keen on a lot of The Cure though this has little to do with the songs and a lot to do with their production, particularly the drums which sound ridiculously 80s, so my enjoyment of The Cure has largely been limited to cover versions. Converge do a particularly good version of ‘Disintergration’ and even Robert Smith himself agrees that the Dinosaur Jr. version of ‘Just Like Heavenis the best one (small anecdote/rage my housemate said he prefers the Katie Melua version…blasphemy of the highest order).

British Sea Power’s version of ‘A Forest’ (one of the few Cure songs I can stand the original of..) really improves upon the original, using a more lush arrangement, enhancing its atmosphere. Yan’s vocals also make this version really stand out, sounding much less weedy and whiny than Smith’s.  My warmth towards this version is hardly suprising as BSP are probably one of my favourite bands and can be held accountable for the best gig I have attended (it was in a church, the acoustics were amazing!)

Something Blue

Finally, something blue. There were a few obvious choices (Blue Monday, The Blue Man Group, Eiffel 65 with I’m Blue) I  could have also chosen the blues although this would be hard as it is not a genre I allow more than a few megabytes space in my collection. Genre-Nazism aside, I do like music that could be described as bluesy and with that in mind I present to you Invasion who play heavy metal (think Black Sabbath/Kyuss bluesy groovy type stuff, complete with wizards etc!!!) with a twist. They have a full-on soul singer!

Though on paper (or screen as it may be) this might seem an odd coupling thinking about it it’s not too bizarre a proposition after some thought; sonically speaking, the falsetto screams of NWOBHM could easily be translated to a more soulful context.  Despite both the influences being deeply rooted in the past the result sounds fresh and interesting often sounding like Show Your Bones era Yeah Yeah Yeah’s if they had been fronted by Aretha Franklin.

Right, I’d better go catch me some sleep, gotta wedding to be at dontchaknow!


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