Is Space Silent?

This week I’ve had a nearly-holiday from writing my blog. The particular article you are about to read was written by one of my close friends from Imperial College London, Asher Spirit. A style differing from my own, more eloquent, thought out and not so all over, enjoyable reading should follow, so sit back (or forward) and enjoy.

Space is an odd thing to do a post about. It still seems so even for me, having thought about it for some time. However it does appear that the space has more noise associated with it than your average scientist would have you think.

I started with the intention of finding some Above and Beyond, a trance group that I have been introduced to and was lucky enough to see live some months ago. Their music comes in hour and a half long mixes on the Anjunabeats label, which oddly enough is a rather convenient length for bike rides and suchlike things.

It does however make pinpointing individual songs such as a reader of this blog might have time to listen to, however I have found one of my favourites, named Buzz. It just so happens to come in the setting of a rocket launch, first hit on youtube. Thus started the theme!

The video is almost as impressive as the music, so I strongly recommend taking 5 minutes off facebook duty and giving it a watch.

Space is, as a physicist, rather uninteresting to me. Odd, but I see it in a far more interesting light as a great unknown, with vast potentials. Maybe I really wish there were “a long time ago in a distant galaxy” not just on the big screen.

Once I had the space theme in my head, one piece that sprang to mind was Jupiter – bringer of jollity, composed by Holst as part of his planets suite. This has caught my attention as I was given a CD of the suite as part of a recent foray in to the largely unfamiliar world of  classical music. I listened in to the whole thing and only this track really caught my attention.

Holst was composing these pieces as part of a more horoscope based view of the planets, the balls of gas idea really didn’t feature, hence the titling, bringer of jollity. For me however, more than jollity is reflected in this piece. Oddly enough a few versions I found online had just slightly too slow timing for my ears, however this seemed to fit nicely.

Another track that is neither named nor inspired by space and the final frontier is one by Leftfield. I have the feeling that whatever the theme of this post would be I would have found a way of getting this one in. It is a song that has travelled with me for much of my life and I particularly remember falling asleep to it in a car in Wicklow mountains once, watching the stars reflected in a lake.

How to introduce this artist is somewhat a problem for me; I have never been able to easily define them. The simplest way I can say it is 90’s electronic dance, but that hardly seems to me to cover it.

The song has a slow beginning, but like many other tracks by this artist, each section of the song is interesting in it’s own right. The actual body doesn’t start until 3:30 to give you some idea of that. I’m not sure how many of you readers will appreciate a good drum beat, but if you’ve got this far, chances are you do!

To finish off the space theme I will leave you with something that is slightly unusual. It is an internet radio station found on soma FM called “mission control”. They describe it as ‘Live and historic NASA mission audio mixed with electronic ambient.’ However I would call it simply a great station to listen to and unwind. Who would have thought that astronauts would be the answer to relaxing music? Have a look at Soma FM


One thought on “Is Space Silent?

  1. I was really surprised when I listened to the Holst piece when it got to about 3:02, I’ve heard that part so many times before and never knew where it was from. Cheers for putting that in!

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