An Experiment.

Update- Just read this brilliant article by Stewart Lee and if you’re a regular reader here my guess is you can relate at least in part to this. Anyway, without further ado..

This week I shall be conducting an experiment.

The tunes will be selected at random (via Itunes Shuffle) from my gargantuan collection.

To keep it interesting I will not accept more than one tune by the same artist and I’ll also avoid artists that I have already evangelised about!

so, here goes nothing!

Tune 1. Skies Of Millenium Night – Sikth

In my mind Sikth were one of the most exiting, exhilarating metal bands of this century, and come to think of it the previous.  Skies Of millenium Night is fairly typical of Sikth- intricate riffing, precise complex drumming and odd time signatures that can result in a lobotomized state in the listener.  This description might be slightly deceiving in that unlike some tech metal bands (Im looking at you Meshuggah) who can often sound more like warm-up excercise rather than music, which is not the case with Sikth where technique is used as a means to an end.  Listening to the outro of Skies is utterly euphoric, and for reasons unbeknown to me reminds me of playing Sonic 2 age 11 at Joe’s house…

Track 2 – Kiss Off The Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes were a punk tinged folkyish band from NY, known for writing Blister In The Sun, one of the two famous songs about masturbation (The other is the fantastic ‘Im turning Japanese’ by The Vapors).  This song in particular is one of my favourites, a kind of anti-love song with psychotic vocals escalating in frustration throughout the song, breaking the mold of acoustic=wimpy. Take that James Blunt.

Track 3. The Virgins Diet, The Hands of Wolves The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi are (or were) part of the much hyped scene surrounding The Smell in L.A (Notable related artists are No Age and Mika Miko). They play noisy post-punk/hardcore along the lines of Deerhoof/Blood Brothers/Melt Banana and are definitely not for the faint of heart.  Virgins Diet sounds something like if Gang Of Four OD’d on speed, it is undoubtably ‘funky’ but doused in healthy amounts of distortion and wierd processed feedback making me want to leap around, scream along and trash everything in sight/reach.

track 4. Big Bad Purple BoyExile

(Tim) Exile is one of my favourite producers out there and this track demonstrates exactly why; ridiculously ornamented and glitchy yet still danceable.  I first came across exile a few years back at a Planet Mu hosted event, I was there to see Venetian Snares and Exile was the only other performer who really left a mark on me.  As soon as i got home i was searching for his material all over the internet.  His more recent work is more electronica-y and his live shows are becoming more and more based around improvisation keep your eyes peeled, his latest project (yet to be unveiled) promises to be ‘interactive’.

Track 5. BodybuildingC.AARME

I have briefly mentioned C.AARME before, whose record ‘Vita’ I am currently trying to track down (It’s impossible i swear..).  They play a post-punkish take on the hardcore punk that was coming out of the US in the  80s , minimal, raw and aggressive they give Iggy Pop a run for his money and unlike Iggy they have not given in to selling insurance (yet..). ‘Bodybuilding’ is the first single off their third album ‘World Music‘.  In the spirit of punk, most of the song is based on just a few notes- it is the singers unique yelping and howling gives the track its character, plus I cant help but agree with him as he shouts:


and on that note, IM OFF.


PS heres another Mae Shi video for those who survived the first..

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