My House

“Phil, the article is called ‘My House,’ and its a reference to the band -Madness. I realise that Madness never did any House music so it is madness that I use a reference to Madness when all the tracks I’ve chosen are House music and I haven’t got a Madness song in there or anything remotely like Madness. I’m madness. ” – (Yule 2010).

I have taken great pleasure in catching up with everybody’s posts and now Phil has asked me to contribute and it’s about time too! He was probably afraid that I’d put on Beatles and pollute the waters with my muddy infection.

As I finish choosing tracks, I realise that I have opened five big cans of worms here…hmmm, oh well.

It is my interest in the use of vocals in House music that leads me to choose these tracks today. I’d just like to say now that I could not (in words) express how much all these songs mean to me. If anything, I just think that it is crucial that these songs are emphasised to you emphatically and I hope that you haven’t heard them all before.

I hope this one – originally by Kiki and remixed by Visionquest – draws you in with its piano stabs and catchy, soft vocal sample hypnotising. There is this oddness and tension created by the organ droning pads playing eerie shostakovichesque chords (I don’t know the technical term).

Seth Troxler was involved with producing ‘Good Voodoo’ and now I would like you to hear one of his songs.

This is a nasty song. I find it uncomfortable to listen to, but that is the aim. In me it creates an anxiety -which is always welcome. I’m made paranoid by the laughs and “Trust!” proclaimed so bitterly in this antagonistic tone of voice. The music would fit the tension before the horrendous climax of a horror film. The song is about a relationship that is falling apart. You never hear the female’s voice; you just get snippets of the man’s conversation with her. It’s a sinister and ambiguous dialogue that you know can only end badly. Trust!

After ‘Trust,’ I’d like to lighten the mood with this uplifting number by Moderat. To me it feels full of positive something. The energy comes from the dynamics; tensions and releases. The vocal is an original vocal as opposed to a sample like the vocal in ‘Good Vodoo’. Moments of the serene vocal have been chopped out and pasted back into places to make these moving honking noises which I find are really beautiful.

This next song has an almost identical beat to the previous track. Don’t try to play them at the same time it doesn’t work – I tried it – the harmonies are different and it turns into mud, trust.

The drums are dull and blunt to match the tone. The drama in this track from Burial is created by its atmosphere; its airiness makes it sound like it was recorded in a cathedral – a little spiritual, a little haunting. The smooth and contemplative vocals combined with the slowly paced repetitive phrases remind me of the traditional ritual of a prayer. The music is like a contemporary plainsong chant.

This final track may be the most important track that I present to you. Nina Kraviz is a sexy Russian singer, producer and dj. Like the singer, the song is sexy and like ‘Trust’ it’s about a relationship. This time Kraviz plays both the male and female character with her sensual voice, making for an edgy conversation. It has an airiness which reminds me of ‘Archangel.’ The middle section where she sings reminds me of ‘Rusty Nails,’ and ‘Good Voodoo’ is an excellent song too… so there we are, seamlessly back to where we started. That wraps everything up nicely. Have a fantastic week everyone!

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