I just like ‘em

I was going to do I post about my guilty pleasures but it proved too embarrassing as I didn’t want to lose the majority of my friends I came up with the ingenious idea of just doing a post about music that I like. No themes no connection just my admiration.

First up is the one and only Aretha Franklin with All I Need to Get By, Lily first introduced me to this song and we nearly played it with the infamous Big Al and the Motown Gang…I wish that we had mastered it. So so good!

Next is another female icon in my eyes, Joni Mitchell.

There are numerous tracks that I could have chosen but this one has topped my playlist more than once…

This post will be short and sweet due to the fact that I got rather carried away with my new hobby…making a rug!!! One day I will finish it, so far (three hours later I am only on my second row with the hatching and looping) and I hope you will all love it. If you’re lucky enough to see it that is! Next up is another female vocals in the band 6 Day Riot, it doesn’t seem to stand up to the others but it’s a upbeat happy relaxed feel good song that I’m in the mood for right now! As YouTube doesn’t have the song Folie a Deux, here have another more mediocre song…haha oh so twee here is Every Third Sunday

Hayden seem to be somewhere between Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons, I particularly like their 2007 album In Field & Town and Worthy of Your Esteem:

I can’t just mention Mumford and Sons without providing you with one of their simplest and beautiful songs…I would to hear a live version of this song:

One thought on “I just like ‘em

  1. Ffs, get the fuck over your image and don’t be scared to admit what music you like, even if it is “embarressing”. Don’t be such a snob and be honest, and if any of your music dork friends are gonna judge you, fuck ’em.

    A post on “guilty” pleasures could have actually been amusing

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