Oh baby, won’t you be my Valentine??

Todays post was written by Mei. She also hails from the ‘grubby town of Lancaster’, as she put it. And if anyone wants to be in a band called Meivis and the Beacons then I recommend you contact her. Her post is about Kina Grannis and some youtube sensations

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with “I love you” and “Be mine” as well as the stereotypical imagery of the prince on a white horse (a la Taylor Swift), it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel an emotional connection with a song. It all just washes over us. And Kina Grannis may be no different. Her songs are indeed poetically written, with the main themes of love and relationships. Nothing unique here. But it’s mainly the melodies and her sweet lilting voice that instinctively draws you in from the word Love. There’s something endearing, and almost sickly sweet about her songs, that lure you in. You can’t help but fall in love with each and every perfect note. And it’s about time we had another acoustic, downbeat singer/song-writer on our doorsteps (to replace Colbie Caillat of yesteryear!). And there’s no-one better than Kina to fulfil that role with her soulful voice and “girl-next-door” looks.

Kina has received much appraisal over Youtube, making way for her independently released album Stairwells which is out now! Let me point you to one particular song; Valentine.  A message for a lover to tell them that they are loved – a song for Valentine’s Day. Of course it is not that time of year but the content is still relevant. It didn’t capture my attention on my first listen but I gradually fell in love with the laidback feel and gorgeous melody with every listen.

The video reflects the generic romantic feel of the song. It goes back to traditional animation methods of stop animation, telling a story through stick figure drawings! Very kitsch. Kina has received much appraisal over Youtube, making way for her independently released album Stairwells which is out now!

Stay Just a Little (Track 12 of the album) is quite slow and downbeat in comparison to Valentine. Decorated with piano over Kina’s haunting voice, this track is melancholy in tone but beautiful all the same. A sad but telling song of heartbreak and a love once lost.

Teeny wannabes have been sprouting all over Youtube for quite some time. Just because you’re pretty, and have a relatively good voice, does not make you talented. You know the type that you happen across on Youtube! A crappy cover that some kid has done in their bedroom, complete with emo fringe and high-pitched voice?! CRINGE. Just don’t do it kids.

You’ve gotta have the edge to make it in this lucrative business. And Linda Harrison certainly does. Armed with a keyboard and an Imogen Heap/Annie Lennox type voice with a little something about her that’s a little bit Sinead O’Connor-esque. Get my drift? Well, not everyone does and she may be a little bit obscure for some tastes but there’s no doubting the fact that this girl has pure talent and passion to add to the mix. In a world of “factory” made singers, it’s refreshing to see artists who are actually artists. People who can sing (and song write too) because it is their passion. There is such a stark difference between the real talents and the well, talentless. So please do check her out! She has covered a few songs, which you may recognise;

She also has an album out called Perfect-Ation-Ness. Give it a listen.

Other Youtube talents you may like include David Choi and Jane Lui, both of whom she has collaborated with on the Kollaboration project (www.kollaboration.org).  This collaboration they were involved in was beautiful. What a perfect mesh of artists.

This video of Jane Lui made me chuckle! Recognise the retro TV programme to which this theme belongs to?

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