Sex and Orchestras

Pete Philly & Perquisite resemble probably the best musical duo to come out of the Netherlands and certainly best one I’ve ever heard of. In a country where sex sells and size really does matter where could you go wrong with a 13 piece orchestra on tour? Performing all their music live requires this diversity of ensemble to make sure it sounds as good as it does on the CD. They don’t fabricate their music and they compose everything themselves. Not unusual for the music on this blog for sure but definitely different from most of the hip hop world.

Shame they’re no more…

The duo, after experiencing a relatively meteoric rise to fame during the four years that they were together, chose to disband in 2009, giving their final farewell concert to a load of screaming Dutch fans in their home country. They’ve both moved on to their own musical careers with Perquisite bringing out a solo album this autumn, and both are alive and well according to their twitters. Now, after talking about sex and orchestras, I’m sure I’ve hit the majority of the population with those two key interests so its time to start showing why I believe they’re brilliant. Here’s a track from their first album, Mindstate.

Most of this album, which I picked up somewhere in Europe god knows when, is similar to this. Laid back music with Pete Philly’s I-can’t-quite-place-that-accent lyrics flowing over the top. This song is quite shexy and does well in conjuring up images of a candle lit dinner, whilst showing what actually goes through the guy’s head as he acts like a gentleman to his lady friend. In a completely different way but also able to deliver the feeling of an experience is the track Paranoid. Yes, we’ve all been paranoid at some point so don’t pretend you can’t relate to it, especially as this track serves up the feelings of it so well. It amazes me how fast he raps during this. Fantastic video.

This may remind you of another great track by a different duo.

One final track from Mindstate for all those lovey-dovey couples out there. Mellow will immediately jump into the heart of those who are in-love and will probably annoy those who are bitter that they aren’t. Again the track manages to hit the emotion spot on.

Their only other album, if you ignore their first EP and the remixed version of Mindstate, is Mystery Repeats. Here Perquisite, the producer out of the two, really does mess around more with the instruments at his disposal. With an album that I found hard to like at the start and one which I sometimes struggle over still, the best way to ease you into it is with my favourite track from the album.

Awake is something slightly more complicated for people who like to clearly differentiate their hip hop from other types of music as it feels almost as if something is missing. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe its the lack of bass (and yes I can recognise the double-bass there before you scoff) but it’ll feel odd for those accustomed to hip hop. Looking at the general demographic of our readers, that shouldn’t be a problem. Heck I’m even going to postulate that you’ll like this track a lot. I’m looking at you, Sigur Ros fans. It even gets a bit psychedelic at the end!

There are a couple more great tracks on the album but in all honesty there is only one I want to wrap up with. Last Love Song is damn catchy and worth checking out, so click the link and listen to the track. Its good but personally I prefer the title track. Why? Because it seems a bit more soulful. It has more emotion in the track than any other track from P&P does, and its damn good. It combines a sort of depressing feel – maybe just association – but it’s also uplifting. Before I get too dramatic, next time you feel a bit down listen to this track and possibly it’ll perk you back up again. The lyrics are good but its the backing music that puts it above par. It’s rather good at summing up what P&P did. If you wish to find out what they are now up to, either go to the holding page for Pete Philly or check out a few cool remixes done by Perquisite.

Oh and I realise the title was completely misleading but sod it, I wanted your attention!

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