Chatting Faces

And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention

David Byrne’s strange warbling is probably the last thing you’d think, seeing these  harrowing lyrics (David Byrne, by the by, is the frontman for the Talking Heads). But, as they’ve been taken out of context, I can let that fly…

These words have been used in the controversial best-selling novel American Psycho and ‘Psycho Killer’, arguably the bands’ flagship single, has been said to have the most famous bass-line in history and a creepy title to match. But, given that the lyrics and titles of their songs can switch from morbid insanity to blythe cheeriness, you should expect the content of their songs to do the same. And that, my friends, they do.

Nothing But Flowers is their post apocalyptic song which contains the lyrics which gives me the willies, but listening to it, it’s exactly the opposite of what you expect it to be based on what I’ve just harked about. It’s a delightfully upbeat tune with most instruments than I can be bothered to list, all performed as standard by a horde of musicians.

Now, there are other toe-tappingly terrifying tunes by the big Davie B and  co. ‘Burning down the House’, has many of the qualities of an amazing single. It gets stuck in your head, has astoundingly simple lyrics and has a brilliant video to accompany it.

Slippery people is an ode to people who don’t make much sense, and people who avoid displaying emotions, a theme which kind of runs through nearly all of their material if you ask me. I just find this kind of prodding and probing into the eligibility of the notion that ‘everyone is insane’ very interesting, funny and ultimately tongue-in-cheek, especially during the straight-laced and fractious Margaret Thatcher years. Could everyone you know be crackers when they go home? I certainly hope not. Here’s the tune.

The next song, famous as it may be, will have eluded even the most enlightened musical souls AHEM PHIL MACE if they weren’t looking for it, or have parents that listened to it every waking moment (I had a great childhood). It’s still my favourite, is a timeless classic and has an eerie, serial killer vibe that not that many people seem to pick up on, as surprising as that may sound given the title of the song! So sit back and enjoy the most memorable bass-line of the 20th century… and believe me if this is the first time you’ve heard it, you’ll be humming this beastly for the rest of the week.


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