The Guilty Pleasures

Oh, not that band again you may be exclaiming! And yes, this title does give a slight nod back to The Park days …

But no, you’re wrong and now I have stirred up a bout of nostalgia no doubt. Hush, you fan-girls!

(Image taken from FrozenxRose’s gallery on DeviantArt:

So what exactly is a guilty pleasure? defines this phrase as; “Something that you shouldn’t like, but like anyway.”

My friend has an unfathomable love for Jedward. Why, you ask? “They’re just awesome.” She replies. “And I can relate to them, just pratting about and having fun.” And this is great don’t you think? To love an artist unrequitedly, without any fear. And this is the way it should be.

Now what are mine, you may ask?

Normally I wouldn’t spill such secrets on such a public blog but I thought it would be a good way of letting you, the audience as well as my fellow writers to get to know me a bit better. And what better way to do this, than divulge my guiltiest pleasures?! (or else forever be shunned from The Phonograph as well as the rest of the music blogging community =S).

Now I am quite embarrassed about the first one, as the first time I had admitted to liking it; (“purely for retro factor” of course) I got significantly verbally abused for it and told that their opinion of me and my music taste had gone down somewhat. So what if I like a little bit of Hanson in the afternoon to cure my work blues?

Mmmbop is one of those upbeat, nostalgic songs that just manages to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling a little low in energy or just feeling the Monday blues. Don’t you just smile when you hear those first few notes and the familiar babyish crooning of Hanson No. 2? I know I do (and it makes me squeal with glee inside).

The Hanson guys have managed to age a little as this recent-ish video of an acoustic performance proved! (Skip to 2.00 minutes to miss Hanson No.1’s looong introduction);

Still not convinced as to why you should give into these pleasures?

How about another dose of 90s pop, You Drive Me Crazy? My personal favourite from Britney Spears, pre-baldie days. (She just wasn’t the same after Justin Timberlake; oh JT what did you to our poor Britters?)

The glass tinkling at the beginning is enough to send me back to my school-girl days. You Drive Me Crazy is a classic Britney Spears song; fuelled with slight teenage angst, heavy pop beats and that all important quiet moment in the middle of the song. You’ll be doing the odd, jerky dance moves in no time.

Nevertheless maybe we need to bring things up-to-date a little, and stop living in the past! Perhaps bring us up to 2010; Alexandra Burke.

She insists we dance all night, all night, all night. Alright, girl … calm down and lay off the Lucozade! This girl represents everything that’s mainstream at the moment; lyrics about partying, DJs and all that glitz and glam that surrounds any name made famous by The X Factor (including a cameo appearance by that insistent rapper, Pitbull =P).

Sell-out? Perhaps. But this song has got a good rhythm and a chorus that is catchy enough to make you want to join Alexander on the dance-floor in no time.

Enrique Iglesias, (40 something now, can you believe?) decided to team with Pitbull too and damn it I regrettably like his new single as well! (Damn you, Lauren!) With a hint of Enrique’s Spanish culture etched into the song, it definitely conveys a fiesta feel that’s pretty infectious so get out those maracas and don your Mantilla ‘cos you’re about to get up close and personal with Mr. Iglesias.

And that about wraps up this haphazard, hodge podge of random music that makes me smile. Now I’d be curious to know what tickles your music taste buds; what are the tracks that you’re most embarrassed of? I think it’s only fair if you tell me yours too (= …


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