Low Brow 1, High Brow 0

I am often accused of being deliberately obscure with the music that I listen to.  As a result of these (unfounded I might add) accusations a creeping fear of mine is that my brow may disappear upwards above my hairline resulting in a freaky mime-like face. 

This weeks visual aid; your writer as an oddly convincing mime.


Essentially I don’t want to end up as one of those who by the time they’re 30 will refuse to listen to anything but pure white noise as it is ‘uncompromising’. 

So rather than sit here and whine for half an hour, I have decided to take direct action.  In order to keep my brow at its correct height and maintain a more-human-less-mime face its time to get low brow on y’all. 



As demonstrated below Ninjasonik can be pretty crass, but more importantly they are entertaining, and whilst y’all trying to figure out whether this is PC or not I’ll be to busy hitting the dancefloor… 

Also worth checking out is the ‘Rap Remix’ which is less repetitive but just as badass as the original. 

This music is not ‘forward thinking’ in fact it would be hard to describe it as thinking at all, but that seems to be the point, and it works.  This is music for the club/party and so to dismiss it as shallow and derivative would be to miss the point altogether and have much less fun than those who to choose just to enjoy it. 

The pastiche-crunk of Ninjasonik undoubtedly owes a little to the stripped down sound of Chicago’s ‘The Cool Kids’ whose cartoonish sound first surfaced on the now near defunct Myspace (which should give you an idea of the time it happened) and though they have numerous EP’s and Mixtapes under their belts an album is still yet to be released. Luckily for the purposes of this blog they have plenty of videos! 

The duo have a pretty minimal sound (drums/bass and perhaps a lead) compared to many of their contemporaries which keeps their otherwise old-skool inflected sound fresh. As with Ninjasonik there is no profound meaning to be in any of the lyrics ( or at least that I can see- enlighten me), but then again there is no pretence and ive a feeling that there is more than a link between these two findings; It’s sometimes refreshing not to have politics and morals forced down your ear when all you wanna do is dance. 

Whilst there might not be any meaning to what they are rapping that is not to say that they can be lumped in with the gangsta crowd, they employ a much less aggressive sound which benefits them hugely as frankly there’s only a certain amount of testosterone a track can handle before it starts to sound like Sylvester Stallone in audio form, and let me tell you that aint pretty. 

My final track for the week isn’t really hip-hop related per se but it does draw influence from it and does share some sonic similarities with the above artists.  Iggy Pop is one of Peaches idols (they dueted on her Fatherfucker album) so it makes sense that she would cover a Stooges song. 

Now as a huge fan of The Stooges i am normally adamant that their music should not be covered (pay attention, RHCP) but I’ve not been able to rid the Peaches version from my head since i first heard it a few weeks ago.  Though of course this is a cover and the main riff is lifted from the original it is otherwise pretty different and can be enjoyed in its own right, rather like how people talk about the Hendrix version of ‘All Along The Watchtower’ I guess. But better. Obviously. 

This version is powered by pulsing 80’s electro style synths, dirty (and i mean filthy) bass guitar and a krautrock ‘motorik’ beat (sampled from Can or Neu perhaps?).  Definitely one of the better and inventive covers I have heard in a LONG time.

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