A Collaboration of Sorts

So today’s post is not the usual; “Mei is raving about a new band she has found/embarrassing music/etc. etc.” (I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of job interviews, a weekend trip to Newcastle, more job interviews … it’s been a bit manic!).

So with that in mind, this is going to be a little shorter than usual, as well as channelling not one voice, but two!

“Round of applause for Mei Yee Leong and Chris Tau everybody!”

2 is Better Than One, right? 😉

So I thought I’d inject a little bit of summer sunshine into our lives. More specifically emo/indie pop sunshine!

The weather has been pants, right? I hate it. And I was not much impressed when I had to traipse to my interview this morning in the torrential downpour, albeit I had a coat and umbrella to aid my travels but still …  the umbrella decides to turn itself inside out and break itself. Thanks HSBC for your beautifully made umbrella. No really, thanks.

So I turn up to my interview ten minutes late, due to the umbrella malfunction (faffing about trying to fix it as I walk down the street!), and looking like a drowned rat. Brilliant. Making the best impression here, aren’t I?

Anyway, to cut a long story short. I hate the rain, and it ruined my day!!

So in aid of that, here’s a summer song that will beat your rainy day blues, and remind you of that summer love you had, during those hazy, lazy summer days!

Wonderfully catchy summer anthem, complete with whistles (listen out for them in the chorus), and a great offbeat rhythm to set the song. This song emits a happy, warm, fuzzy feeling that will spread throughout your body and you won’t be able to resist smiling!

Although this song tells us to “Stop living in the sunshine, start living in the rain”, I don’t agree at all! I therefore do not support the views expressed within this particular song.

A song that follows the typical conventions of Kids in Glass Houses; strained pained vocals, amazing melodies and “sing-along-able” lyrics, KIGH kicks ass and I definitely suggest that you check out the other tracks on their album DIRT.

To round up my little list of summer songs, a little something to soothe your ears. Close your eyes, and feel yourself drift off to the beach; with the sound of the rain drifting away, replaced by the sounds of the ocean waves, a cocktail in hand, the sun basking down on your skin … ahh, now that’s better.

Skip to 1.33 to avoid the chitter chatter.

Chris’ heads up on the mainstream lane.

Jason Derulo, the man who has it all. Vocals, dance moves, song-writing abilities, and not a hint of arrogance on show. Instead this twenty-year-old pop artist exudes confidence, calmness, and composure.

Admittedly he is not without flaws (suspect of auto tune, but live performances suggest otherwise). And after all the piles of rubbish regurgitated by the music industry today you really do hope that he is as good as they say he is.

He reminds me of a young Michael Jackson merge with early Justin Timberlake, (a big statement I don’t say lightly).  However if his album record is anything to go by then we have diamond in the rough.

Miscellaneous– Simon Cowell once said he was “astronomical”. High praise indeed.

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