Starshocked: Accidentally Meeting Dominic West

As suggested by the title, the other day I was nonchalantly walking along a quiet road in Lancaster when I met Dominic West. He was riding shotgun in a car driven by some nondescript woman that pulled up next to me to ask for directions. I began to explain that the best way to get to the train station was to turn left at the end of the road, turn left at the traffic lights… and then I realised who it was who asked me.


This sort of thing shouldn’t happen to someone who, up until that moment, was idly wondering what he was going to have for lunch. I stammered out the last bit of the directions whilst inside my head my neurones were screaming “OMG this is Dominic West! Dominic West! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!”. I managed to complete the directions, to which he gave a sly smile (my state of panic must have been quite obvious by this point) and bid me farewell. I still find the randomness of this coincidence so hard to believe and has caused me to tell everyone who’s ever heard of The Wire about this, including you.

This does however lead neatly into music. All of you must have a list of musical deities that you’d wish to meet randomly on the street and speak too, so I thought I’d bring out a few of mine. Trouble is that – if you’ve been keeping up with my posts – I’ve already spent a lot of time dedicated to bringing these people to your attention. The likes of Slug (who I incidentally met at a gig in 2008 anyway) and others have already been mentioned too much simply go over again. Instead, here are a few artists who I haven’t blogged about but would love to meet!

First up is DJ Yoda, which is mildly ironic as it appears that everyone else has managed to see him apart from myself. This is quite annoying because he is one of the best DJs around. That’s the basic fact and there isn’t much more to say. I’ve been listening to his Fabric Live 39 mix – performed at Fabric in London – on and off for about 8 months now and I love it. One day I will see the man himself and dance along like crazy to his music but until then this will have to suffice.

Update: You can download this mix legally and for free here.

Next come the Beastie Boys. Yes, they are already well known and shouldn’t really be mentioned, but it’s getting on a bit and I need a drink, so I’m going to stick with them anyway. It might also be because they begin with B and are therefore pretty near the top of my media player. Anyhow, The Beastie Boys have an eclectic discography and have been the most successful white rapper group of all time in the genre. For me, they produced the best hook ever in Hip Hop history in this next track. The rest of the song is alright but prepare to melt in musical ecstcasy if you’ve never heard the hook before.

A third offering to satisfy Jack Etches, a man who for some reason once read a post of mine and has been hooked on reading them ever since, I should mention a duo you probably haven’t heard of. The Coup, comprised of MC Boots Riley and DJ Pam the Funkstress, perform mainly black-power-esque Hip Hop based on their lives growing up in ghettos. Much like Dead Prez, they do this whilst also being really damn good. Their beats and rhymes are fantastic enabling you to listen to something you’d normally find a bit disconcerting, because, after all, you are middle class and white. Here is one of my favourite ones.

My last offering is Snoop Dogg.

“Snoop Dogg?!” you splutter, drenching your computer screen in tea, “Are you quite mad?”. You’re probably right, any middle-class white person meeting Snoop Dogg would probably collapse internally from the sheer amount of coolness radiating from this guy. He’s middle-aged, has a few kids, is happily married and yet is one of the coolest people to stride this planet. It would be a complete nightmare. Thankfully Mayer Hawthorne has already met Snoop Dogg and has given us a great example of what would happen. Poor guy.

p.s. What the hell does “Judge, Preach, Tabernacle!” mean?

p.p.s. at least I didn’t try to hold Dominic West captive.

2 thoughts on “Starshocked: Accidentally Meeting Dominic West

    • Haha I definitely haven’t missed this! I think I saw a comment on this video saying that the only person in the world who doesn’t like this song is Dream.

      I feel kinda sorry for him because this was (probably) supposed to be his big debut and Hawthorne completely eclipsed him!

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