How shall we leave this dead dog town…

… with the music up and the windows down’

This inscription from the album artwork of 65daysofstatic‘s ‘The Fall Of Math’ springs to mind as I prepare for my train to leave the Lancaster station. Whilst this is not exactly possible on said form of transport It has inspired me to play my music over my headphones at what some would consider an obnoxious volume (oh what will i do next..).

So in an exiting edition of ‘music fascism with Rowan’  this weeks post comes to you LIVE from a Leeds-bound train. Well, not exactly live but it was written during the course of the journey and the below music is its soundtrack.

It is with the aforementioned sentiment in mind that inspires me to revisit a 65DOS favourite of mine ‘This Cat Is A Landmine’ a perfect example of how post-rock should be done. It is fairly concise (for the genre) at 4.46 and avoids the ambling pitfalls of some of their more drawn out contemporaries. Regardless the music is jam-packed full of ideas and explores the whole dynamic spectrum (that means LOUD as well as quiet, Explosions in the Sky.) Perhaps one of my favourite pieces of music ever.


Though it s now obvious I am not in a car, ‘driving’ music is always good  on a journey especially when passing the epic scenery of err..Carnforth. The hilariously named Goblin Cock provide a perfect accompaniment in the form of ‘We Got a Bleeder’. Broadly speaking Goblin Cock fit into the doom/drone/sludge metal category, or as Joe would term it ‘Hipster Metal’, though fear not riff addicts – this is nothing like anything from Isis’ discography- this is riff worship sans sprawling soundscape (though I do adore Isis et al..).

When Rob Crow is not at the helm of comedy doom metal such as the above he is to be found perfecting alternative pop songs. Heavy Vegetable seem to draw much from the palate of mid 90s alternative rock such as Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, Nirvana etc though I cant help but think they must have been huge fans of XTC- the jerky frenetic lead interweaving guitar lines and stop-start percussion sound far too chirpy and energetic for grunge, though this is undoubtedly a strength rather than a weakness. It is this rhythmic complexity which often leads to comparisons with math rock stalwarts like Don Cabballero, I can see that there is obviously a basis to these assumptions but it glosses over the fact that this IS pop and is highly rooted in melody.

In fact all this talk of XTC has put me in the mood for some Andy Partridge (No relation of Alan) fueled agit-pop here is their cover of a cover of ‘All Along The Watchtower’.  I’m not really a fan of Dylan (heresy in these parts I hear..) or Hendrix, but this version really hits the spot.

I think it would be unfair to finish with a cover song so here’s an XTC original, which in my opinion is the funkiest anti-funk ever. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “How shall we leave this dead dog town…

    • I think ‘frisbee’ is as good a starting point as any! Though it might be worth checking out Other Men who is most of the Heavy Veg. lineup minus one of the singers, much better production values!

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