Rise and shine…

So, I was all set to go on my trip to Newcastle. My list consisted of the following;

~Finely picked, selection of clothes for several possibilities of weather? Check.

~Make-up bag? Check.

~Music? Check.

~Earphones? …. Check. Wait, no check? WHAT????

Worse case scenario! Two and a half hours of travelling and NO music to feed my ears! (Not unless I wanted to be a CHAV and play my music out loud, which I would not ever, ever do in any situation – no matter how desperate I was to listen to music!!)

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? This was the worse case scenario happening, and I was absolutely devastated. Especially, because I made the extra effort to download the new Wakey!Wakey! album just the night before, in preparation.

On the upside, not having earphones made me available to actually partake in a human interaction called “making conversation”. Which I gladly did with a couple of nice ladies on their way to Glasgow; being the social fiend it made for a more interesting journey  than usual!

No, this is not a picture of one of the nice ladies but in fact a creeper crow who was following us at a beach in Newcastle. It followed us around relentlessly, eyeing our fish and chips. Pure evil.

Wakey!Wakey! A band that is indeed not, an emo-pop/punk outfit (as I initially thought, since the format of the name holds similarities to that of Attack!Attack!) but are instead described as “piano rock/art damaged indie rock”.

This is a band that would normally have hidden itself from view, but thanks to One Tree Hill (and my friend Sarah, who is the one-stop shop for all things Twilight and music related!), it brought itself to my attention. And I have to say U.S. teen dramas are proving to be a very reliable source for such good musical finds. The O.C. is another, which has provided many brilliant songs too. (Phantom Planet, anyone?)

I first fell in love with Brooklyn, which was featured on One Tree Hill in a more recent episode. It was definitely love at first listen. And the video below shows just how talented Mike Grubbs is. He is indeed not only an accomplished pianist but has sufficient vocal ability to accompany his piano playing skills. But for me, their music is all about the composition of the songs and the intricate piano instrumental sections.

Demonstrating Wakey!Wakey!’s ability to write perfect introduction’s, avec lush piano and violin instrumental is Almost Everything (from the album Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You...);


Not the most complicated in terms of structure. In fact, there is quite a lot of repetition within this song in terms of lyrics but that does not distract from the overall sound of the track.

I know you wanna stay in bed. But it’s light outside, it’s light outside.

A sentiment that all my friends hold toward me, no doubt! “Get up Mei, make the most of the day!!”

I don’t care, I love my bed and I love my midday lie-ins!

An odd but enigmatic portrayal of a house and the memories it holds for one person. Mike’s voice strains with heartfelt nostalgia over the mesh of violins and piano.

What if We Got it All Wrong, again has repetitive verses and chorus but plays special focus to the violin and its’ own bridge sections, adding both a touch of suspension and tranquillity to the proceedings;

Definitely a band to rival the likes of Keane, in the realm of piano rock. They are sure to make it big within the industry. (Or maybe just really, really good instrumental background music =P).


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