Memento Mori

Memento Mori was the name given to Flyleaf’s most recent album.

This is a latin phrase, which literally means “Be Mindful of Death”. This can obviously be easily misconstrued as a negative, “emo” perspective on life. But Flyleaf have named it so, as to remind us how precious life is and to not be complacent about it.

Pin-pointing on how I came to know them is difficult, as I think I have always been aware of their music in the back of my mind. I guess I rediscovered them when I remember a friend having recommended them a few years ago.

“I’m So Sick” and “Breathe Today” were the first songs to have come my way, which I adored for many reasons. These two songs reflect the much more grittier, intense tone of Flyleaf’s earlier days. The beats were definitely a lot more heavier, with the influence of heavy metal much more apparent.

So Sick

Breathe Today

Their music is obviously heavily influenced by their faith, (each member being a Christian) which turned out to be an added bonus for me. (Amazing music; compositionally as well as lyrically?! Jackpot).

With Memento Mori, the album does indeed explore different aspects of Christianity. This does not mean that their music is exclusively “worship” or Christian music. In their own words they make rock music, with Christian influence! This provides a good foundation on which to build the album. The message is clear and the music is written perfectly. No insincerity here.

Beautiful Bride is a short (but sweet), upbeat rock anthem, which plays a lot like a war song (reflecting the album cover). The theme of unity and self-worth is strikingly evident.

This was my favourite song of the album and was one that was put on repeat, (this only ever happens on very rare occasions, where I find a track that deserves over-play!) I loved it that much.

Again has an insatiable melody with an unforgiving rhythm serving as the backdrop. Written as though from God’s perspective, this is a plea for people to turn to Him again.

Missing is a desperate cry for help; the urgency and intensity of the song quite apparent. The styling of the video is a little more glamorous than past productions, with a slight nod to the 60s. This reflects the direction that Flyleaf has taken with the album in terms of branding – a “cleaner”, less grittier feel. Either way, it doesn’t really matter to me. The music is amazing either way!

Tiny Heart is a song influenced by Lacey’s relationship with her younger sister. It is a prime example that the band can indeed deliver on the more slower, ballad type songs too. The sentiment isn’t lost in this track, and is genuine and heartfelt, which can often the case in many rock ballads.

Treasure follows on from where Beautiful Bride finishes, and continues the themes of self-worth and value.

Arise rounds up the album perfectly, feeding the listener with inspiration to go out and make a difference. The imagery created within the song depicts the fiery, unquenchable presence of the Holy Spirit.

Memento Mori is a beautiful, bold and brilliant album. It goes beyond creating great music with a bit of meaning and crosses over to inspirational. It has the potential to change you on every level.

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