Tech death gets good again – More unfunny noisey shit you don’t care about

I had recently lost a little faith in my previously unchallenged favorite genre of all time, Technical Death Metal, due to some rather bland stagnation, too many gay ass kids trying to do it and fucking up, and Necrophagist, arguably my favorite band ever, delaying their next album (originally intended to be realeased in 2006) by another year. Also, as I don’t adopt the extremely obnoxious and vagina repelant “death to all but metal” mantra of many of the unwashed tech death fanbase, and am nowadays just as likely to be found listening to Forever the Sickest Kids or T Mills as Brain Drill or Spawn of Possesion, people seem to have taken this as indication of my resignation.

However, nothing ever really changed in terms of my affection for Tech Death, just was put on hold while I branched out, and it remains my chosen favorite. However, a few simultanious recent discoveries have found me back where I started, and so here is some more recent Tech Death that gets me hard.

One of the first things was the new Decrepit Birth album, which I got while in Philly. A few days before I’d seen them on the Summer Slaughter tour, and was impressed by their mix of decent stage presance, decent riffs, and a good technical/sounds good equilibrium. Definately trumped The Faceless, who were boring as fuck live.

Definately a good combo of brutality, technicality, and decent songwriting. Plus some really awesome “power” moments, which make you just go, FUCK YEAH, SCIENCE!

Yeah, like a lot of tech death, their lyrical output seems to dwell mainly on an ill informed grasp of science, especially quantum physics, while being really really high. I am yet to check out the lyrics book, but I imagine it contains lots of long words stolen from wikipedia on pages involving string theory and black holes. Calling the album “Polarity” is kina a clue.

But yeah, this still totally jams, love the riffs and the leads, and everything sounds complicated without really loosing it’s aesthetic appeal, where many get lost. As has been said, writing something “original”, or even difficult to play, is actually really fucking easy, whearas writing something that people beyond your own group of shut in elitists actually wants to hear, is really fucking hard.

Still tech, but with much more brutality, and that lovely, lovely dark almost horror film vibe, is Aborted. From humble goregrind roots, the band have matured into something much more dark and technical, while retaining the gore.

Much prefer gore to science in music, something much more personal and moving about serial killers/autopsys/your insides than Decrepit Birth and many other bands (like bland wankfest Origin) singing about how they don’t know shit about science. Guess it’s like comparing horror films to physics documentaries narrated by shut in stoner kids.

Anyway, aborted seem to get a great mix of gore and subtlety, and the same can be said of their music, with a brillant fusion of brutality and melody, as well as technicality and simplicity.

Now this band, I had no idea existed untill about a week ago. Hailing from Italy, of all places, Fleshgod Apocalypse bring the fucking shred! Also, awesome artwork for their new EP, Mafia.

Italy seems to be happening right now, because they also give us Hour of Penance:

Satanism is kind of old meme, but still, all these developing countries have to start somewhere!

4 thoughts on “Tech death gets good again – More unfunny noisey shit you don’t care about

  1. Think again:

    oh budget Italian power metal…how the rest of the world laughs. You know you’re doing something very wrong when you’re the poor mans Rhapsody :/

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