Say It’s Possible

Kyle comes well-recommended from our very own permanent writer, Mei

In an industry full of female icons flooding the music industry at this present time, making a name for yourself is certainly a tough ask for any wannabe music star. Enter Terra Naomi, a budding singer/ songwriter whose YouTube success culminated in the release of her debut album, ‘Under the Influence’, in 2007.

Compared to artists including Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette for her smooth, yet unique style, Terra found fame on YouTube for her melody, ‘Say it’s Possible’. This later won the award for YouTube’s Music Video of the Year. Inspired by Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, this acoustic number shows what her music is about, lyrics inspired by her feelings, ideas, and philosophies in life. For example, ‘This love could be something beautiful, combine our love into something wonderful. But times are tough I know’ – shadowing her concerns about global warming in this case.

With more than 4 million views to the video alone (let alone the dozens of other videos available on her YouTube channel), the demand for Terra Naomi resulted in a mainstream album being a probability. In 2007, that idea became a reality when ‘Under the Influence’ was released, with her signature song from YouTube being song one on the Album – No doubt a thank you to the people who got her to where she was at in her music career.

‘Under the Influence’ received mixed reviews from the music industry. However, instead of comparing Terra’s music to the mainstream music niche, but rather looking at the raw basics of the album; Qualities such as the lyric subjects, pure vocals, as well as the highly underrated instrumental talent that Terra brings makes this album a compelling, yet soothing experience. A particular mention in this part goes to the songs:  ‘Up Here’, ‘Never Quite Discussed’ and in particular, ‘Flesh for Bones’.

The clear strength of Terra’s work is without a doubt her lyrical expertise. In addition to her ideology regarding issues regarding climate change, mentioned previously, Terra uses her history as a frequent drug user, or as she puts it, ‘…sticking needles into my arms 15 times a day’, as a powerful message throughout some of her songs on this album.  This is particularly the case in the hidden track which finishes of the album. ‘The Vicodin Song’, although not credited on the track list, hits her past issues very hard indeed, including lyrics that includes, ‘… so much sad history described in a ride, and when I told you I was happy I lied, I lied, I lied… and I’ve got a vicodin do you wanna come over… I got a pocket full of pills and not one lover’.

This song is the best of everything that is good about Terra’s music, and indeed is a personal favourite of mine;

Yes, it could be said that Terra’s music hasn’t got a fast upbeat tempo, nor the sex appeal that seems to be an everyday occurrence in today’s music charts. However, for raw music passion- lyrically and instrumentally, Terra Naomi is certainly worth a look. She even adds her own controversial subjects for people to debate.

The best way to sum up Naomi’s work quickly is to do as follows:

Imagine you’re reading, or doing schoolwork, or even wanting general ambient music in the background as the night falls in…

Or maybe having a drink in light autumn sunshine with some friends…

Or having a brisk drive early in the morning…

Whatever the situation is, Terra Naomi is certainly worth your time. You won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “Say It’s Possible

  1. Your line at the end that said, “wanting general ambient music” sold it to me because I am always looking for music that you can play in the background, not necessarily know it is there, but as soon as you switch it off you get that sense of “oh where has the music gone”

    Great post!

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