Random Acts Of Human Kindness

Yet again this weeks scribblings centre on my weekly(ish) gig, and as with any story the start is the best place to begin, so I let me set the scene…

As I left my house on my way to the venue I received a phonecall telling me said gig was *gulp* sold out- not the news I’d been looking for after psyching myself up for some rock n roll. So with hopes thrown into the gutter I headed towards the venue to drink away my sorrows at the adjacent bar.  This my friends is where my story takes an unexpected turn for the better; upon overhearing me declaring my woes a stranger offered me his +1 to the gig, I sealed the deal with a Guinness.  And somehow five minutes later I found myself, front row, watching the support band Russell and The Wolves freak out and terrify about 75% of the audience, I however was left buzzing from the sheer chance of my presence at the venue.

The band I had come to see were The Jim Jones Revue who take their cues from old school rock n’ roll icons Chuck Berry, Little Richard et al. and infuse it with a heavy dosage of punk rock cacophony. It might be more than a coincidence that their latest album was produced by Jim Sclavunos of Grinderman/Bad Seeds fame as these bands seem to be perhaps the nearest reference I can think of, though there is perhaps a hint of Tom Waits, particularly in the abrasive, gritty vocals of Jim Jones whose presence echoed the charisma of Iggy Pop (pre car-insurance debacle).

Upon proof-reading the above paragraph i realize it is a list of comparisons to great artists of the past, which could suggest a lack of innovation.  This would correct though not necessarily a valid criticism, and at worst unfair; The Jim Jones Revue aren’t trying to do anything groundbreaking and neither should they be, because they do what they do incredibly well- Rock.  However there is no sense of forcedness as there can be in musicians trying to resurrect the original spirit of ‘rock’ (see The Darkness/Wolfmother) – The Jim Jones Revue have no such mission, other than to play loud and fast. And I like It.

One of the most heartening things I witnessed at the gig was the high proportion of old-timers, evidently 1st generation rock and rollers, clad in denim/leather giving it there all and me a run for my money.  I left the gig with a grin, sweat soaked clothes and sore hips from doing the twist at 200mph. Thank you Jim Jones, thank you.

A little afterthought for you now, my experience at the gig forced me to revisit a genre which i had previously neglected, at least for some time- psychobilly.  A fusion of punk and rockabilly and where better to start than archetypes of the genre The Cramps who have an altogether more deviant and subversive tone- drawing upon dark humour and an appreciation for B-Movies and video nasty horror films.

Catch Y’all soon


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