Now Introducing #1: Phil

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re a proud to introduce to you Phil, our founder and the first writer on our team!

Insert House of Pain reference here

Some say… that he is incredibly good at everything ever and that, given the fact that he writes his own introductions, that’s not necessarily true! He does however love his hip hop and wants to share as much as possible.

Bio: Male, 22, recent graduate from The University of York.

Music: Big hip hop fan, constantly looking for new sources of hip hop. Aside from this delves into electronic, house, dance and dabbles in a whole load more. Occasionally switches across to pop-punk, metal, and indie music. Recently began to appreciate ghetto-inspired hardcore.

Generic Stereotype: A white middle-class guy who likes hip hop.


If I grabbed your headphones right now who would I be most likely to be listening to?
I’ve been listening to Flying Lotus’ ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ for the last few nights or so, and its a great way to drift off to sleep

What is the music event of the year?
Tough one. I think for me personally it has to be 50 Cent‘s shock announcement that ‘I will not put out another album’

For you, when does music begin?
Music began when the first humanoid clapped his hands together in some sort of rhythm, thought that it was pretty cool, and then immediately made a rubbish dubstep remix of it. In my life I am pretty sure it started with this:

Wow, my music taste has moved about so much since then!

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