Now Introducing #2: Rowan

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to introduce to you Rowan, the second member of our writing team and our head of design!

Some say… that he can make an entire room of hardened carnivores drool just by describing the contents of his latest sandwich creation and that, if he put his mind to it, he could probably kit out the world’s most eclectic orchestra just by tidying up his house!

Bio: Male, 22, just graduated after studying Linguistics at Leeds University.
Generic Stereotype: A massive music geek with unshakeable style. Bit of a hipster.


If I grabbed your headphones right now who would I be most likely to be listening to?

The Whitefield Brothers’ debut album ‘In the raw’ is currently getting a lot of listens. If its opening track ‘Rampage’ doesn’t make you wanna get up and dance, there is something medically wrong with you.

What is the music event of the year?

Getting a nod of acknowledgement from Dylan Carlson of the pioneering drone/doom band Earth. It came after an amazing set culminating in the Extra-Capsular Extraction version of ‘Ouroboros is Broken’.
Since it’s our first week back here’s the slightly less evil reworked version from 2007’s Hibernaculum (note: track may still cause demonic possession)

RUNNER UP:  Discovering that William Shatner is releasing an album featuring Zakk Wylde, Toots (of the
Maytals), Richie Blackmore and Ian Paice (of Deep Purple) and Bootsy Collins! This can only be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

For you, when does music begin?

Using ‘arrange by year’ in iTunes, music begins in 1951 with the latin classic,  ‘Oye Como Va’ by Tito Puente. However, I’m partial to a bit of Django Reinhardt  who was coming to light in the early 30s! Obviously my library is inaccurate, perhaps a symptom of having too much music…That said, I dont feel any paticular affinity with either Tito or Django and so despite coming several decades later, my personal musical ‘year zero’ is probably 1978 with the release of Black Flag’s ‘Nervous Breakdown’, XTC’s ‘White Music’Wire’s ‘Chairs Missing’ and This Heat’s self titled album ‘This Heat’ . A good year all round.

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