Now Introducing #4 – Julian

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce to you the newest signing to our team! After a series of complex trades, the procurement of several litres of gin and a visit to the local hardware store we are pleased to announce that we have kidnapped recruited Julian as our fourth writer and as our Editor!

Some say…that if he goes without alcohol for more than sixteen hours he rusts up and dies. Others say, what the fuck, that’s Bender from Futurama.

Bio: Male, 21, about to head off to France for a year abroad!
Music: He’ll listen to anything, then find the shittest thing in that genre and adore it.
Generic Stereotype: Primary school teacher

If I grabbed your headphones right now who would I be most likely to be listening to?

Probably ‘Herzog’ by Clark, I’ve been going through an experimental synth phase at the moment and that’s been receiving the most plays.

What is the music event of the year?

Demonstrating her motion-sensitive music gloves, it has to be Imogen Heap’s performance at TED last month. On the one hand I think they’re awesome, anything that allows musicians to manipulate physical space to create music is cool to behold; on the other, it represents the recent convergence of apps, music, and new technologies (lookin’ at you Bjork!).

(Credit: University of the West of England)

For you, when does music begin?

My first thought is Bob Dylan playing his electric set at the Newport Folk Festival back in the 50s, but that’s pretty unoriginal. So instead I’m gonna go with David Gilmore joining Pink Floyd in 1968, because I’m really just a scene kid trapped in a Primary school teacher’s body.


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