London Riots: A Council Estate of Mind

The London Riots were the worst riots this generation, my generation, have ever witnessed.  There have been calls for the Army, martial law, benefit removal and swift justice against the perpetrators. There have also been numerous questions raised as ‘the nation’ tries to understand what happened. Why did these young people do this? Why do they not care about the victims? Why was this not connected to any political cause? What is wrong with these people?

I am not going to try to answer these questions here nor am I going to try to justify the actions these people took. Dan Hancox has covered it really well, plenty of information already exists about social deprivation, and even Russell Brand has chipped in.

I can however bring you the digested version.

Several years ago Skinnyman released a track called Council Estate of Mind. If you want to find out why such a group of people could ever exist in our cities, have a listen.

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