Fight Music

I realise by the time this is published, the riots that swept the country will be old old news, being like, nearly a month ago (which in internet time is such a long time as to be beyond quantification), making me akin to a fat girl with a Hawthorn Heights tattoo. We’re all had a great time trying to be all serious about it and trying to link it all to music or whatever so we have something to write about, even if the link is rather contrived (poor/black people=rap, fucking shocker). Even video games got dragged in, with Rockstar games now having another notch on it’s bedpost of social atrocities roughly linked to it’s games, primarily that old go-to scapegoat GTA.

However, when the shit hit the fan, I was actually pretty damn close to epicentre #2; Manchester. Via Twitter/Facebook, and 24hr news channels, me and my housemates were on top of everything, from pictures actually taken by looters inside the carrion of JD sports, to various livebloggings, from our makeshift hub we watched our city defiled piece by piece.

Then amidst this uncomfortable situation I remembered something. I’d left my bike in town. Fuck.

Luckily it wasn’t quite in the middle, but I knew I would have to venture within the danger zone to retrieve it. So I geared up and set out. The walk in was pretty tense, I’d seen some uncomfortable scenes onscreen, so, to mentally prepare myself for what may await, I quickly compiled a playlist to fill me full of self righteous fury. It was like the film Iron Eagle, but with a bike instead of my dad, and Manchester instead of the Middle East.

“Your Treachery Will Die With You”, by Dying Fetus, was a perfect first choice. The song literally seeps violence out of every slam filled orifice, and the album title “Descent into Depravity”, seemed like a perfect description of the city at the time. My mood was now set perfectly, and I felt like taking down every little maggot on a bike I saw, cycling towards the centre like hyenas to a wounded animal. Swarms of busses were evacuating the centre, all displaying the “sorry, not in service” front. I can’t help but wonder if anyone in the exodus from the centre figured me as a looter. But I had bigger worries, I had a bicycle to save!

Fortunately, the search and rescue mission went down without a hitch, and was nothing like as dramatic as I was making out a couple of paragraphs ago, actually consisting more of a stroll into town and a cycle out. However, it was nice to relish the whole thing as something actually exciting happening, and a contrived excuse to get some adrenaline pumping.

So, I guess the question is, what do you listen to when you want to fight/punch someone?

For me at least, there is no real substitute for Death Metal, the immediacy and obvious visceral nature of it, with the bestial vocals and relentless drumming just insta-wins over whatever crappy IDM or dubstep song you probably were thinking of, and even rap, that otherwise alpha-as-fuck domain, just can’t compete with the speed and obvious violence of some well executed brutal Death Metal.

Even though there are probably just as many harmless nerds under some kind of power delusion as there is serious business in the scene, here are some songs that will seriously slap your shit about;

“New Age Holocaust” – I Declare War

Just go 20 seconds in and break something. That’s just dark and brutal man. Love the way the vocals are just a monotonous bestial growling noise in the background as oppose to any kind of focal point. It’s like the whole thing is an inversion of the standard order of focus in a band, with drums taking centre stage and everything else just being part of the cacophony.

“Blood God Rising” – Debauchery

So, despite the nerdy subject matter of this song (it’s about Khorne, the “blood god”, in Warhammer 40k), it’s a pretty hefty slab of fight brutality. Simple as hell, but this kind of works out with the uber epic chorus it builds up to. You honestly would be hard pressed to find a simpler, more “by numbers” song, but that really doesn’t matter. It does nothing new, just what it does do it does damn well, that slow bass drum in the chorus pounding on your skull like a sledge hammer, before going double speed.  Anyway, who says that nerdy fantasy shit can’t be valid inspiration? Sometimes at the gym I will growl “Blood for the Blood God” under my breath before a particularly heavy set, in fact, the other week, when I thought the weight room was empty, after a set of absolutely back breaking deadlifts, I threw the barbell down and full on growled “SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!” Only to notice an elderly greek  douchebag curiously eyeing me from the corner of the room on some crappy isolation machine.

“Strength Beyond Strength” – Pantera

The ultimate fight music band, I mean just look at the cover of ‘Vulgar Display of Power‘.

Plus, everyone knows that Phil Anselmo can brawl.

“Hammer Smashed Face” – Cannibal Corpse

For some reason, whenever I get hit in the face, this song comes into my head amidst that dizzying spinney feeling. The title is probably no small part in this obvious link, but the brutality of the intro is definitely another heavy factor. One of the first true good fight songs, back from when music started to get good in the early 90’s. Jim Carey agrees.

On a closing note as well, I would like to congratulate Zoe Whitfield on her new found rap career. I wish her the best of luck! Rep that shit Zoe!!


4 thoughts on “Fight Music

  1. With you on the Pantera/Dying Fetus front! No NYHC though?

    My personal choice goes out to Hour of Penance- Paragdogma…

    its even got epic orchestral entrance music!

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