Ode to the Oval Office: Mitt Romney vs. Obama

Last Monday Mitt Romney finally staked his claim on the presidency. The months of bitter campaigning against his own party members and Obama were a mere warm-up to the key decider between himself and all other contenders: his ability to sing.

Now, you may be thinking that presidential elections are decided on issues such as economic policy, the strength of the military, and the health and welfare of their people. But no. You just have to look at the coverage Romney has received in the press, on YouTube, and around the world for his performance on Monday to know that this is not something to be taken lightly. Oh no, this is a biggy.

For Romney is not the first presidential candidate to sing. All major contenders in the 2008 election serenaded their audiences at one point or another.

Hillary Clinton sung the national anthem on a visit to Iowa in 2008 during her campaign against Obama:

Not to be out done, Obama jumped on every chance he had to show case his ability to lead (the band). Here he is addressing an organised labour rally in Detroit:

It is no wonder he won the nomination. Even the Queen of Soul loved it.

His performance was not a one-off. Lord no. Put “Obama sings” into YouTube and a whole raft of videos show up. He is a heavyweight here, not a man to be trifled with. No wonder he pulled off such a landslide win against John McCain. Poor John couldn’t come up with anything past “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb…. Iran”

Now that you know the back story you can see just how important this is for Romney. Obama has swept all before him with his singing voice, seducing the Queen of Soul and 65 million Americans. To take down this president Romney has to show something special, show that he has the ‘presidential voice’, and become the mouthpiece for America on the world stage.

A lot of was riding on Monday’s sing-a-long. Let’s see how he did.

Not the worst we’ve heard…. but definitely no Obama-beater.

Our prediction? Four more years of Obama in the White House.

Let’s just hope that Sarah Palin doesn’t figure this out.


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