London Pleasure Gardens Press Release – Bloc 2012

Below is a press release we just received from London Pleasure Gardens.

Bloc Weekend at London Pleasure Gardens- Closure

At 00:45 on Saturday morning, following advice from the Metropolitan Police, Bloc was subject to a controlled shut down due to crowd safety issues.  Egress from the site was carefully managed and nobody was harmed throughout the process. By 0200 the site was clear.

The decision to cancel the event’s second day was taken to ensure public safety as a measure against the potential for more overcrowding.

The BT River of Music Africa stage, which will be using a completely different site layout and is not affected by the same issues, will be going ahead as planned on Sat 21 and Sun 22 July.  For more information and tickets, please see

Other forthcoming events include the Art of Dark Garden Party on July 14th and Carnaval Del Pueblo, Europe’s largest latin festival, on the 18th August, as well as the Last Mile Festival, a programme of special events during the Olympic Games from 28th July – 12th August & 29th August – 8th September.

Garfield Hackett and Debs Armstrong, co-directors of LPG, said: ‘We are hugely disappointed that Bloc Festival had to close early last night and has been cancelled today. We are fully investigating what happened and will provide further information when we are in a position to do so. We thank our staff for dealing with the issue in a manner which ensured that the site was cleared safely.’

All ticket refund requests should be addressed directly to Bloc ( )

For enquiries relating to London Pleasure Gardens please contact:

Josh or Amber at Borkowski 02031762700



Notes for Editors:

London Pleasure Gardens: London Pleasure Gardens is an evolving project that looks to create a new urban oasis on a former wasteland in London’s Docklands. Supported by Newham Council with a commercial loan and already boasting a bill of incredible events across its pop-up venues and rolling outdoor spaces, the Gardens bring the best and brightest of art from beyond the gallery as well as unbelievable happenings to mass audiences in the local community and beyond.


11 thoughts on “London Pleasure Gardens Press Release – Bloc 2012

  1. “London Pleasure Gardens: London Pleasure Gardens is an evolving project that looks to create a new urban oasis on a former wasteland in London’s Docklands.”

    Judging by it’s current state, they still have a very long way to go. It’s an absolute tip, just a building site, badly laid out, and staffed by muppets.

  2. I saw a cat sat on a pile of household waste, don’t quote me on this but I’m sure it was licking its own anus. Hopefully you will be implementing measures to eradicate this sort of behaviour?

  3. Yes I saw a cat licking its own anus whilst sat on a pile of debri…Sufficient measures are required to erridicate this sort of wholesale feline anus cleansing.

  4. Sounded like a dog exfoliating its pads with rough sandpaper, the cat licking its anus that is. Old one eye got seen too, ain’t that the troot!

  5. I saw a cat lifting its tail up near a tent peg, it also may of gnawed on it anus but then again it might not of. Holding my hands up here I never seen licking.

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