We look at topics within music and their context. For example, we’ve already delved into the world of video games, social disorder, and the role of the critic.

We are happy to take on new writers, guest posts and receive any fan mail (haha!).

If you would like to contact us email: admin@thephonograph.co.uk

Our (brief) history:

Originally setup in April 2010 as a platform for seven friends to share music with each other, the blog began to expand as wider circles of friends started to read what was known at the time as The Music Diaries. In May we began to sharpen things up with the inclusion of mixtapes and guest blogs. In June the site was redesigned and our first special published. At the beginning of August we decided to change our name to The Phonograph, one which we think works better as it literally translates as ‘sound writer’. In November things took a turn for the worse as the sheer academic workload of many of our members prevented them from keeping up with the blog, so the blog was closed indefinitely.

Yet we always had the intention of restarting the blog and in July 2011 we began to reorganise ourselves. We loved writing about topics concerning music and we wanted to get stuck back into it again, so we put the team back together and improved how we do our thing to make sure we can keep on going through our respective workloads. As such we are very proud to bring you The Phonograph 2.0!

At the time of writing (early August 2011) we’re about to launch, so if you’re reading this the launch worked!