Previous Writers

Previous writers who have gone onto other (hopefully awesome) things:


Bio: Female, final year studying Philosophy at Newcastle.
Music: Anything from the depths of black metal to jazz, rock, and blues. A lover of dub/reggae and soft, ambient stuff too: Afro Celts, Toots and the Maytals, The Dandy Warhols to name but a few – every now and again a bit of Handel or Mozart.
Generic Stereotype: Poncy student/vague hippy.


Bio: Male, studying music at Cambridge.
Music: Jazz, with a leaning towards the more modern avant-garde end of jazz. Also branch out into soul, especially early motown stuff, and funk. Also dabble, through studying it, western classical music and again leaning towards the avant-garde.
Generic Stereotype: typical pretentious music student who likes their music full of squeaks and honks and bereft of any ‘nice tunes’.
Track Record


Bio: Female, on the dole but working her way up!
Music: Anything goes really but there is a focus on interesting finds through means of the Internet as well as the generic Pop-Punk, Indie, acoustic and odd Rock music now and then.
Generic Stereotype: Indie kid, Jesus hippie freak who wants to change the world. No wait, will change the world.
Track Record


Bio: Male, studying Philosophy at Cambridge.
Music: Big ass vicious noise.
Generic Stereotype: Everyone’s favourite shorty. A philosopher too, so naturally talentless at football. Definitely no Albert Camus.
Track Record


Bio: Male, currently looking for work and looking after his cat in his spare time. D’awwww.
Music: Metal, Metal and more Metal. Joe has also been moving across into Wigga Slam. Aside from this, thanks to the traumatic daily struggle that is living in Manchester, Joe has fallen in love with Rap. Listening to some sick beats whilst riding his bmx, all his neighbours see him cruising around Longsight sporting the latest wigga gear. They see him rollin’, they hatin’.
Generic Stereotype: The outcome when you crossbreed a middle-class metal fan with a wigga slam attitude and a working class neighbourhood. There’s nothing generic going on here.
Track Record


Bio: 22, Male, generally found up a cliff somewhere doing something stupid.
Music: Punk, Pop-punk, Eminem, Folk and other quirky things with guitar.
Generic Stereotype: Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!
Track Record


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