2012: A Synth Odyssey…

We’re still putting the finishing touches on our brand spanking new site, so for the mean time, here’s a futuristic sci-fi inspired playlist we’ve cobbled together- so sit back, relax and let the music take you on a fantastic otherworldly voyage,,,


Mixtape #1 – Feel Good Hits Of The Summer 23/5/10

Look at these fucking hedonists.

As promised, here we have our very first themed mixtape as inspired by the debate over Joe’s recent post.  The topic this week is… hedonism! Each poster has picked 2 tracks each, apart from those who forgot to send them in (no hate- ive taken it upon myself to pick a few extras to make up for these imbeciles!).

so without further ado, here are our fourteen anthems to soundtrack your party-filled summer..


Fire any suggestions you think we missed right back at us!


p.s. if the link isn’t working either click here or use a browser that isn’t internet explorer.