Football chants: you only sing when you’re winning

often lacking rhyme and reason, tom looks at the evolution of football chants. just in time for euro 2012 too.

Here it is again – that time of year when our sceptred isle places its hopes and dreams on 11 men, a piece of leather, and a coach who wouldn’t look out of place on the touchline of a pub league match…circa 1972. Lets be frank, for the average England fan, Euro 2012 promises to be a veritable orgy of, well…¬†disappointment, shame, and failure. However,¬†we thought it was the perfect time to take a closer look at the relationship music shares with the (not so) beautiful game, if only to take your mind off the horrors transpiring in eastern Europe this summer.

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Too many dicks on the dancefloor

For those of you who were expecting the ‘jazz-twiddling’ that normally satisfies your cravings every Wednesday, we must apologise. Alex is still not with us. Sad news we know but for the third week running Alex is somewhere in the States. Nobody has heard from him since he set off and any attempts to contact him have failed. Normally we would be worried but to be fair the safest pair of hands for anyone to be in is Alex’s so he should be looking after himself nicely, hopefully getting into awkward and hilarious situations along the way. Instead Jake Lawson has kindly written a post profiling two of his favourite and slightly obscure bands..

The focus here will be on two particularly creative exponents of music on the periphery of mainstream rock, both in style and popularity. The artists are also ones with releases in this year of 2010- Broken Bells and LCD Soundsystem. I have to add the artists in question also happen to have released two of my firm favourite albums in recent memory so please expect and excuse regular and complete lapses into subjectivity.

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