A quick guide to the people behind the blog!


Bio: Male, recent graduate from The University of York.
Music: Big hip hop fan, constantly looking for new sources of hip hop. Aside from this delves into electronic, house, dance and dabbles in a whole load more. Occasionally switches across to pop-punk, metal, and indie music. Recently began to appreciate ghetto-inspired hardcore.
Generic Stereotype: A middle class white guy who likes hip hop.
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Bio: Male, about to head off to France for a year abroad working as a journalist for a year. Will dance for money.
Music: He’ll listen to anything, then find the shittest thing in that genre and adore it.
Generic Stereotype: Primary school teacher
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Bio: Male, just graduated after studying Linguistics at Leeds University.
Generic Stereotype: A massive music geek with unshakeable style. Bit of a hipster.
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Bio: Playlist Designer for posh brands/recent graduate layabout/part time Spaniard, full time gentleman.
Music: Only Devo.
Generic Stereotype: Pinko lowlife.

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